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    25 Halloween Costumes From Amazon You'll Actually Want To Wear

    Treat yourself to a cute (and comfortable) costume this year.

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    1. A skeleton onesie that's both spooky and snuggly so you can have a howling good time and then put your ~weary bones~ to rest without having to change.

    2. A framed Mona Lisa costume so the answer to that age-old question is in the palm of YOUR hands — is she smiling, or not?

    reviewer wearing the framed costume

    3. A mermaid costume that will definitely help your Halloween go ~swimmingly~ and let you stand out when you're in a crowd, like, you know...where the people are.

    4. A fin-tastically cozy shark costume for anyone from baby shark lovers to Jaws fanatics. The style of this costume really sneaks up on you, doesn't it?

    5. A fallen angel costume that, while looking amazing, will unfortunately have people pulling the classic line "Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?" all night long.

    a reviewer wearing the costume with a black corset and bell sleeves

    6. A satin jacket + neck scarf combo because, as Grease taught us, anyone, of *any* age, can be a senior at Rydell High...

    7. A Victorian corset dress that can basically work for any spooky costume, witch-ever you choose.

    8. A Rey costume because who didn't watch the latest Star Wars and leave totally wanting to be her? I'll be manifesting Rey energy into my life all spooky season long...

    a reviewer in the rey costume

    9. A hooded robe that can pretty much work for any costume, Jedi, wizard, witch, comfortable person in a robe, etc. This costume has the power of versatility.

    10. A butterfly wing shawl and headband for an effortless yet elegant Halloween look.

    11. An inflatable T. rex costume that is unfailingly and ferociously funny.

    a reviewer in the T-rex costume holding their dog

    12. A devil onesie to ensure a wickedly good (and comfortable) time.

    13. Are you Cher from Clueless? Are you Iggy Azalea as Cher from Clueless? Whatever you choose to use this schoolgirl costume for, it's undeniably fancy and adorable.

    14. A bat costume that's cute, cozy, and ready for a late-night bite, or whatever else you plan to get up to on All Hallows' Eve this year.

    reviewer wearing the black bat-shaped sweater dress

    15. A Venom costume perfect for if you don't want to dress as a superhero, but you're not looking to be such an obvious villain. Enter: this super-relevant anti-hero who is still spooky but not too scary. Bonus points if you can find your Spider-Man!

    the venom costume on a model

    16. A Regency-style dress to help you transform into the ~diamond of the season~ (the spooky season, that is) — don't forget your gloves (or your duke)!

    17. A metallic catsuit that'll be the hero of your Halloween if you're looking to pull off multiple costume ~looks.~ Are you an international super spy, an international pop sensation, or both? The possibilities are endless.

    18. A vintage tailcoat jacket to step into the shoes of ~the duke~ yourself. I totally burn for this gorgeous coat.

    19. A Birds of Prey Harley Quinn costume because I think we can all agree that ~single and independent~ Harley was the most fun to watch on the screen, and definitely the one to channel this Halloween.

    20. A bride of Betelgeuse costume so you can relax in a haunted house in style this year.

    21. A pair of Barbara and Adam Beetlejuice masks that make for a frighteningly easy and creepily cool couples costume.

    22. A Beetlejuice suit to dress up as the ghost with the most. It's showtime, baby!

    23. A Shego jumpsuit that includes gloves and a leg strap so you're fully prepared to dress as everyone's OG cartoon girl-crush this Halloween.

    24. A heart-print zip-up hoodie for a stylish and somewhat subtle costume that pays proper homage to the snowflake queen herself, Jennifer Check.

    25. And, finally, a BuzzFeed ghost Halloween costume shirt in case you aren't the costume type, but don't want to be seen as the Grinch of spooky season.

    the shirt which reads, "I'm a ghost"

    Have a wickedly good time this Halloween, don't forget to eat, drink, and be scary!

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