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    31 Pieces Of Furniture From Target With Such High Star Ratings, You May Want To Own Them Yourself

    Get ready to be knocked off your feet (and onto this five star-rated couch) by these pieces.

    1. A mid-century modern petite sofa that looks like it belongs in a pivotal scene of a highly stylized arthouse film.

    the couch in blue

    2. A rustic metal tub coffee table with storage to give your living space that farmhouse chic look you've been fantasizing about AND help you hide everything that spoils the highly curated aesthetic of your place.

    The coffee table

    3. A woven patio egg-chair so cool I almost don't want to sit in it because I don't feel ready for the chicness... but also I totally want to!

    4. A mid-century loveseat that looks totally ready for you to curl up and finally finish the book that's been waiting on your coffee table for weeks. Why not turn those pages in *absolute* comfort and style?

    the loveseat in purple

    5. A wooden mid-century coffee table with plenty of chic storage space for whatever you're planning on reading next.

    the coffee accent table

    6. A geometric wood table lamp that functions as a funky decor piece and will help you avoid the utterly *cursed* overhead lighting that came with your place. We all know soft lighting is where the vibe is really at these days...

    the wooden geometric lamp

    7. A pair of framed tropical palm prints to create a cool, calming presence in your space, while still meshing nicely with all your other decor.

    the two framed palm leaf prints hung on a wall

    8. A checkered wingback chair just cozy enough to curl up by the fire (or TV) in.

    9. A faux-distressed oak wing chair to give you those warm, lived-in, vintage furniture vibes — but without the stains, damage, or other problems that real vintage furniture often has.

    the distressed armchair

    10. A wood and metal farmhouse storage bench with compartments underneath to store *literally* anything—though I'm partial to shoes.

    11. A small pouf to bring some unique texture to your space while providing a hefty dose of coziness. Don't you just want to hug this thing?

    12. A tall striped basket for storing all your art supplies or turning that pile of laundry into a design statement.

    the brown and black cylindrical basket with handles

    13. An emerald green tufted track arm sofa that looks like it could make my six-hour end-of-day doom-scrolling session into a luxurious and graceful activity.

    14. A wood and metal coffee table with a lower shelf that's perfect for storing all those massive coffee table books you've been thrifting as of late. Secondhand TikTok will be the death of my available storage space...

    15. A tropical-inspired nightstand to add a bit of ~texture~ and spice to your bedside.

    16. A rattan armchair with some *serious* main character in a ~Disney channel original movie~ energy. I can hear the transition music playing in the background now...

    the armchair with an ottoman

    17. A wooden writing desk because working from the couch just isn't cutting it anymore. We've all been there — just get the desk!

    the writing desk in walnut in an office

    18. A cube bookshelf to make your much-needed storage as streamlined as possible with its simple and clean design.

    the bookshelf

    19. A corner desk with a floating hutch perfect for transforming that one unused corner of your place into productivity central — whether it be work- and school-related or for arts and crafts!

    the desk in the corner with the hutch on the wall

    20. A fuzzy round swivel chair that looks like it belongs on the cover of Architectural Digest but also like it would be *so* cozy.

    21. A pair of faux leather dining chairs that boasts a ~vintage vibe~ while also having all the benefits of being brand spankin' new!

    the chairs in burnt orange at a dining table

    22. A ladder bookshelf to elevate any space and keep your belongings organized while also putting them on ~display~.

    the ladder bookshelf

    23. A mid-back armless office chair that's both comfortable and stylish because we all know our home office is where we're spending most of our days and for that, it deserves a little makeover!

    the chair in white at a desk

    24. A round farmhouse coffee table perfect for holding a warm, comforting mug of whatever it is you drink in the morning.

    the coffee table

    25. A mirrored chest to store your style and add to it. This unique three-drawer chest might just be the remedy to your bedroom design woes.

    the mirrored chest

    26. Or a four-drawer dresser that's cutely covert in its storage capabilities and is sure to blend right in with the rest of your furniture.

    the dresser

    27. A traditional-style wood nightstand with open shelves perfect for anyone who has absolutely zero secrets about what they choose to keep at their bedside. Display those possessions with stylish pride, baby!

    28. A contemporary vanity set because full vanities should never go out of style. None of this getting-ready-in-the-bathroom stuff—I want the full vanity ~experience.~

    the vanity

    29. A mid-century settee bench to turn even the awkward act of putting on sneakers in a hurry into a moment of beauty and grace.

    the bench in grey

    30. A tufted bench that looks like it belongs in a contemporary art museum for you to sit on for hours so you can find the hidden meaning in a Rothko. But it'll look just as cool at the end of your bed, too!

    the tufted settee bench in blue

    31. A standard metal bed frame which honestly satiates all of my ~cottagecore~ cravings in one simple, timeless piece of furniture.

    Hopefully one of these highly rated pieces has found its way into your heart (and cart) but if you're still waiting to be really wowed, check out the rest of Target's furniture selection!

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