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    31 Decorating Products From Wayfair That'll Make Renters Think "I Wish I'd Known About This Sooner"

    Not me saying "Wow, I wish I'd known about this sooner" literally out loud as I'm writing this piece...

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A blackout curtain panel perfect for the renter who thought they wanted floor to ceiling windows, but forgot about their affinity for sleeping in on the weekends. Problem solved!

    the curtain panels in white

    2. A roll of peel-and-stick botanical wallpaper for a renter-friendly way to really elevate an otherwise basic (in the nicest way possible) apartment.

    The juniper forest wallpaper in a bathroom

    3. Or take a walk on the even ~wilder~ side and create a bold accent wall with this pink cheetah peel-and-stick wallpaper.

    the pink cheetah print wallpaper

    4. Or this roll of fractured peel-and-stick wallpaper to substitute for a gallery wall — just as eye catching, but way fewer holes to cover up during move-out.

    5. A glass and stainless-steel kitchen canister set to make the counter space you have to utilize for food storage (because who is lucky enough to have a pantry these days?) still look super chic and put-together.

    The canister set in red

    6. A pack of adorably retro self-adhesive peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles for the renter who searched frantically for an art deco style space but couldn't find one. It's okay, we've all been there.

    the green patterned floor tiles

    7. Or try a pack of peel-and-stick mosaic tiles for some extra unique detailing that doesn't require deep cleaning your floor first.

    8. A set of matching glass soap dispensers to make it look like you've sprung for Aesop products — simply swap in your favorite budget brand hand soap and voila, your bathroom has officially been ~elevated~.

    The glass soap bottles in amber

    9. An infrared quartz electric stove designed to look like a vintage fireplace in an beautifully restored apartment I probably could never afford...*adds to cart immediately*.

    10. A pack of peel-and-stick faux brick paneling because we were all led to believe that every big city apartment would have at least some beautiful brick accents, and now, we can unfairly constructed misconception our reality with the help of a little self-adhesive.

    11. An abstract area rug that looks vaguely like marble flooring in case you've always wanted it in your place... also useful to cover up that weird stain that's been there since long before you moved in. Don't ask, trust me.

    the grey rug

    12. A full-length floor mirror to help make a cramped spot in your space feel more open. Bonus tip: place the mirror across from the window!

    The mirror

    13. A rotating fridge turntable in case the fridge that came with your new place is less than an ideal size. This way, even when you've just completely stocked up on groceries, nothing will get trapped and left to mold in the back.

    the turntable with condiments on it

    14. A rattan basket for some ~open concept blanket~ storage now that we're all semi defrosted from the depths of winter. They'll still be close by in case you need them, but not close enough to make you sweat.

    the rattan basket with a blanket inside

    15. A botanical print shower curtain in case you want to hop on that trend of hanging a ton of plants in your shower but you lack the bathroom space to really commit.

    the leaf print shower curtain

    16. A box of peel-and-stick faux wood flooring for that apartment you rented sight unseen that promised "beautiful hardwood flooring" but maybe exaggerated their beauty more than just a little. Somebody @ my landlord for me.

    17. A universal range gap cover for that perilous and potentially unsightly spot between your stove and the countertop that was last cleaned who knows when. I absolutely shudder at the thought of the one in my last apartment's kitchen.

    the cover over a stove

    18. A three-piece bathmat set to help make your bathroom feel cohesive and put together, and avoid having to drag the one raggedy bathmat around the floor with you when you hop out of the shower every morning.

    the green bathmat set

    19. And a six-piece matching towel set if you're really itching to commit to a totally grown up bathroom aesthetic. "Why yes, we do have guest towels..."

    20. A set of dedicated makeup towels in case you're anything like me and often find your mascara stained towel staring back at you in the morning after a long night out. no matter how well I decorate my bathroom, last night's makeup is sure to spoil it.

    the black makeup towels with the word makeup on it

    21. A roll of faux marble peel and stick contact paper so you can have the marble countertops you've always dreamed of, even if you don't have the dream house they come with just yet.

    22. A set of shower rings with clasp closures that are a major step up from those dollar store ones you've been using for the last six months (@ me) because those tiny details truly make all the difference.

    the gold shower rings

    23. A countertop pan divider if you've been struggling with the common plight of shallow apartment cabinets and too many pans. Instead, display those babies on your counter in ~style~.

    the pan divider in a cabinet

    24. A pack of drawer pulls with a vintage vibe because just changing out little hardware details can really help a space feel more like your own. Just remember to save the handles that came with the apartment and reinstall before you leave!

    the cup pull in a brash finish

    25. A half oval birch wall tapestry for that one wall you know just needs an extra special something.

    26. A set of four self-adhesive hooks in case the one rickety towel bar in your bathroom simply isn't cutting it — or holding anything up successfully.

    the black hooks

    27. A velvet square-arm sleeper couch so stylish, your guests won't even MIND sleeping on it because your new place doesn't have a spare bedroom (or you've made the spare room into your office).

    28. A handmade shag faux sheepskin area rug to soften the floors for those of you who actually got the beautiful hardwood flooring in their place and want to restore some balance in the form of something fuzzy.

    the circular rug in pink

    29. A curved tension shower rod to make your tiny tub and shower space feel infinitely bigger. Trust me on this one, big game changer.

    reviewer's picture of the curved shower rod in silver

    30. A set of flameless candles to help curate a cozy vibe that is scent and fire-hazard-free. Especially important if your place is blessed with some hypersensitive smoke detectors.

    the remote-controllable candles

    31. An over-the-toilet shelf to fit your 15-step skincare routine when that one squeaky bathroom drawer just isn't cutting it anymore.

    the white shelf and cabinet unit in a bathroom

    Happy shopping! And remember, just because your lease is short, doesn't mean your interior design vision should suffer.

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