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    31 Things From Target That’ll Let You Affordably Hop On Fall Trends Before The Season Is Over

    "And hats and scarves and knee socks and wearing tights for the first time in months and..."

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    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A sherpa bucket hat that's appropriately fuzzy and fashionable for fall, and the perfect accessory to help a not-so-great hair day.

    the brown bucket hat

    2. A pair of super-high-rise distressed baggy jeans because try as I might, thrifting that perfect vintage pair is seemingly impossible...but SHHH, no one needs to know...

    3. A pair of cable knit boot socks that are forever destined to be a fall favorite. Cozy calves? Utterly timeless.

    the socks in grey

    4. A plaid wrap jacket so you can not-so-subtly have your Taylor Swift Evermore-era moment while we all wait patiently for Red (Taylor's Version).

    a model wearing the wrap jacket

    5. A red and white plaid scarf that you definitely *shouldn't* leave at anyone's sister's house — because you will NOT be getting it back.

    a model wearing the plaid scarf

    6. A suede moto jacket because this kind of jacket seems to simply never go out of style, and I sure am grateful for that.

    a model wearing the jacket in brown

    7. A houndstooth cardigan that's giving me Sherlock Holmes-meets-style-icon. I've certainly solved the mystery of what to wear this autumn.

    8. A long sleeve ribbed sweater dress for an incredibly cozy and yet effortlessly chic look. If the fall 'fit can't be napped in, I don't want it!

    9. A cable knit poncho, because early fall definitely belonged to the sweater vest, but these days, as the temperature continues to drop, it's the poncho's time to shine...

    a model wearing the blue sweater poncho

    10. A balloon-sleeve top that I personally feel absolutely embodies the energy of fall. It looks cozy, snuggly, and somehow still super chic — the trifecta!

    the top

    11. A pair of curvy mid-rise skinny jeans because the zoomers have long moved on to other style subjects, so it's definitely safe to wear these out in public again.

    a model wearing the skinny jeans

    12. A long-sleeve button-front mesh dress perfect for arriving fashionably late to layering season!

    13. A long-sleeve blouse to help you channel your inner '90s movie power CEO, whenever you may need her.

    14. A wet look puffer jacket that is strikingly chic and will keep you snug without spoiling the rest of your outfit.

    a model wearing the red puffer coat

    15. A pair of high-rise flare pants to keep those ~summer of love~ vibes rolling right into fall.

    a model wearing the flare pants

    16. A pair of high-rise tapered pants that I can picture pairing perfectly with every single sweater in my style arsenal right now.

    17. A floppy felt hat so you can have your annual falling leaves photoshoot in the appropriate attire. I know these hats are a tad ~divisive~ on Instagram, but that just means more attention for your fall 'fit.

    18. A pair of waterproof Chelsea rain boots that will look unfailingly adorable on your feet, rain or shine!

    19. A cross-body bag to clutch romantically as you walk through Central Park and watch the autumn leaves fall gently to the ground, signifying the passing of time and your own personal growth. Did I mention how much I absolutely adore fall?

    20. A pair of heeled scrunch boots because you simply *can't* go through fall without a pair of these reliably stylish bad boys...

    the boots in black

    21. An oversized plaid blazer that's ready to #work for you, in whatever form or fashion you need.

    a model wearing the blazer in grey

    22. A charm-and-chain layered necklace to help you look *extra* put together. Layered jewelry just always gives me the impression that the wearer has a detailed day planner and a skincare routine...inspirational.

    23. A pair of clog boots seemingly stolen straight from the closet of a stylish 90's sitcom character.

    the boot in brown

    24. A three-quarter-sleeve mock turtleneck T-shirt to give you that turtleneck sweater vibe without having to fully commit. Bonus points for all the layering potential in this top!

    25. A faux fur trim jacket that is absolutely the jacket that the cartoon character version of me would live in 24/7.

    26. A balloon-sleeve tiered dress with a bit of dramatic, old-world flair, it's pilgrim vibes all fall, y'all.

    27. A polka dot midi skirt that almost makes me wish I had to go into the office just so I could style this with a chic secretary work look. Key word: almost.

    28. A short-sleeve button-front woven shirtdress to give you that ~grunge flannel look~ even if you live somewhere that stays too toasty to toss on a real flannel. Check on your West Coast fall-loving friends, y'all...

    29. A belted cord miniskirt that is very much giving me 2021 Cheetah Girls vibes.

    a model wearing the skirt in zebra stripe

    30. A plaid knit bomber jacket that I guarantee will be your go-to coat for the season.

    31. A mini square backpack to help you hold all your belongings hands free without making you look or feel like you're an eighth grader headed back to school.

    Happy fall, y'all! Stay cozy out there.

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