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    These 25 Cat Products From Amazon Have Great Reviews And Will Help Solve A Bunch Of Problems

    Four words is all we need to say: self-cleaning litter box.

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    1. A self-cleaning litter box that looks vaguely like a baby carriage because to be frank, we were all already thinking it: These smelly (sometimes) evil kittens are our children. And since they'll never be potty trained, this is the next best thing.

    A reviewer showing their cat in the litter box

    2. A motion-activated smart ball for the quarantine kitten who's just learning you actually DO need to leave the house sometimes. This toy is motion-activated and comes with multiple movement modes to entertain your cat for hours in your absence!

    3. A kitty compound outdoor play house perfect for anyone who isn't ready to commit to a permanent "catio" in their outdoor space, but wants their cats to have some ~fun in the sun~ on occasion.

    4. An electric rotating butterfly for the indoor cat who dreams of hunting in the wild (AKA the backyard). This seemingly immortal butterfly can handle infinite rounds of combat with even the most enthusiastic kitten.

    5. A stand-alone cat hammock that will (hopefully) deter your cat from curling up in the *most* inconvenient spots (i.e. your laptop while you're working or the laundry basket while you're doing laundry) and instead opt for their own cute and cozy chair.

    6. A supersized litter mat to keep your pet's paws (and your precious living space) mess-free.

    7. A literal cat tree that gives your cat a safe place to perch without spoiling the entire aesthetic of your space.

    8. An interactive cat laser which *looks* reminiscent of the villainous robot from The Incredibles, but will *actually* be a total hero in your life! With multiple modes and a playtime timer, this toy is here to save the day and keep your pets active whether you're working from home or away.

    9. A pet hair removal set that comes with a standard AND a travel sized brush and will ensure that the only evidence of your cats is their cute little faces all over your Instagram (as opposed to their fur all over your outfit and couch).

    Reviewer's picture of fur-removal brush that's covered in fur

    10. A set of raised stress-free feeders to help your cat with that constant crick in their neck from having to snack so low to the ground. Bonus points for how stylish these bowls will look in your home!

    11. A three-story turntable ball roller for the cat who's craving mental stimulation (and perhaps satisfying that craving by ripping up furniture and getting into everything). This toy is the perfect balance between cute and challenging.

    A reviewer showing her cat playing with the toy in blue with a cute face printed on top

    12. A mobile window seat that will give your feline friend their own special sunbathing spot or people-watching perch.

    A reviewer showing her cat wearing a sweater sitting in the window perch

    13. A feeder ball for cats who need help pacing their appetites or constantly whine and moan for treats — this little toy brings effort and excitement back to feeding time.

    14. A sunflower scratching post so PAWsitively precious it will definitely add to the ~vibe~ of any room instead of detracting from it like your average cat furniture.

    15. An Angry Orange pet odor eliminating spray that will not only make your place smell like a ~magical~ orchard but will put a spell on your guests so they believe your cats are *perfect angels* every day and never have a single accident.

    16. An outdoor house for your not quite feral feline friend who wants food and shelter but refuses to come inside your home for either. *Sigh* the things we do for these cats...

    17. An outdoor catio that allows your cat(s) to safely explore and lounge outside without the constant worry that comes with having an indoor/outdoor pet.

    18. A cactus scratching post to protect your decor from sharp claws! This post marries fashion and function all while being far less ~prickly~ and a tad more durable than the real thing.

    19. A faux-potted plant litter box that turns an unsightly necessity into fun foliage for your space.

    20. An expandable cat carrier which is airline-approved and can fit easily underneath a plane seat OR unzip to give your furry friend some room when you're on the road.

    21. A covert cupboard-designed litter box that's such a stylish statement piece for your space, no one will ever realize it's doubling as your pet's toilet!

    22. A portable kennel house to help your cat feel at home on the road when you need to travel. This carrier has enough room for your cat to live their best life and be perfectly comfortable even at 60 MPH.

    23. A Feliway diffuser kit for that anxious cat who can't seem to keep calm. Feliway's classic calming starter package will ease even the most wound up of kitties into a state of pure *zen*.

    Reviewer's cat happily sniffing the plug-in diffuser

    24. A pair of catnip chew sticks that will help your cat chill out AND give their teeth a much-needed cleaning.

    A reviewer showing his cat playing with the chew stick

    25. A cat backpack because YES. Just because our cats don't love leashes doesn't mean they don't *desperately* want to come on adventures with us. This carrier allows our pets to travel like a little astronaut on our backs, headed out into the great unknown (AKA around the block)!

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