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    This Target Dog Toy Looks Like Totoro And Is The Best Thing In My Pup's Toy Bin

    If I had to choose a single toy out of the (too) many from my dog's toy bin, it would be this one.

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    I'm in my early 20s and immediately post-grad. I made the bold, brave and commendable decision to adopt a dog. So naturally he is incredibly spoiled in every aspect of his life, including (but not limited to) his toy collection. We've moved many a time since coming into one another's lives (most recently from LA to NY) and somehow, most of Bowie's toys ended up making the across-the-country-with-two-suitcases cut.

    the author holding bowie at an overlook

    But the ONE toy I would choose out of the entire bin is the Bark Hare Raiser rubber rabbit. I've bought three of them so far (not because Bowie's torn them totally to shreds, but because I personally love having spares and Bowie and I both tend to lose things) and at $14.99 on Target, I feel like this toy is just an undeniable bargain.

    the author holding the toy with her dog peaking out behind it

    It's designed to be destroyed, which I LOVE. After those first few play sessions with the Hare Raiser, the cutesy cover started to fall apart, and I was admittedly bummed (mainly because I only ~skimmed~ the packaging when I first purchased this bad boy, and didn't understand).

    the author holding the toy partially destroyed to reveal the scary looking rubber face underneath, while Bowie looks on in concern

    I really appreciate that after Bowie rips the fluffy face off this cartoonish creature, it doesn't look (completely) terrible, the way the toys he typically winds up destroying do...not being an active eyesore is a huge plus in the world of pet products, TBH.

    the new version of the toy next to one the author's dog has already destroyed to show the difference

    RIP to the many Lamb Chops I've so unceremoniously sacrificed to this dog...

    the author's dog sitting next to a stuffed lampchop dog toy that he beheaded

    One important thing to note is that Bowie is not a *super* chewer — he's a shredder (a uniquely frustrating sect of dogs who seek to destroy stuff but don't possess the impressive jaw strength or stomach for full-on destruction). And despite "super chewer" being in the name of this toy, I'd consider it a more ideal option for dogs who want to rip apart stuffed animals and other soft toys, but not the legs of your couch.

    I'm not the only one who loves this creepy little Totoro-esque dog toy — it has several 5-star reviews and an overall 4-star rating (pretty solid consensus for the pet community... IYKYK).

    product photo of a dog chewing on the Bark bunny toy

    I hope you (and your pup) love this quirky little rubber rabbit dog toy as much as Bowie and I do.

    Get this Bark Hare Raiser rubber rabbit dog toy from Target for $14.99.

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