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    All The Best Things You Can Get At Target’s Deals Days Event

    Save big on home goods, kitchen appliances, tech and (*most* importantly) fashion.

    Amazon Prime Day kicks off July 12, but me personally? I'm more of a ~Target lover~ myself. Luckily, Target's Deal Days sale is running now through Wednesday, July 13 — and there are deals to be had on EVERYTHING (up to a whopping 50% off!!!).

    Here are some of the best things you can save on at the sale right now:

    1. A Dyson cordless vacuum because lets be honest, hauling that heavy, old, corded vacuum around and searching frantically for an electrical socket in every room you want to clean is the biggest barrier between you and *unbelievably* spotless floors.

    The vacuum cleaning a dirty floor

    2. A flowy knit tank dress ready to be dressed up and worn out to breakfast, lunch, AND dinner, and dressed down for all those pre- and post-meal naps in between.

    3. An air purifier which is app-controlled and can double as a simple and chic little side table (as opposed to being an eyesore amongst your otherwise impeccably curated decor).

    4. An oversized fan purse begging to accompany you to your next picnic in the park or pool day.

    the light brown tote bag

    5. A KitchenAid stand mixer because we both know it's been on your wishlist for basically forever, and now is a perfect time to finally commit so you're ready for fall (AKA baking season).

    the stand mixer in blue on a kitchen counter

    6. A chaise lounge perfect for dramatic fainting spells or whatever you get up to in your apartment these days. Siri, play "Chaise Lounge" by Wet Leg.

    the lounge in pink

    7. A Keurig single-serve coffee maker for that perfect, personal-sized cup of joe in the morning. This Keurig personally helped me self-regulate my caffeine intake, so I *cannot* recommend it enough!

    the blue coffee maker

    8. An entry table with woven basket drawers so you'll know exactly where your keys are from now on — in this stylish piece of furniture, of course!

    the entry table

    9. A PowerXL single basket air fryer because it's time to hop on this air fryer train — I *promise* you, your tastebuds will thank me later.

    the air fryer

    10. A pair of Apple AirPod Pros because it's 2022 and it's time to go cordless. Everyone deserves the luxury of tangle-free listening!

    11. A pair of pull-on shorts that look like the perfect pair for that post-beach, sun-kissed trip to the grocery store to stock up on all those snacks we only seem to crave after a long day by the sea.

    a model wearing the shorts in white

    12. A pair of rectangle sunglasses for your movie star moment this summer. Pair with a floral headscarf for maximum celeb-in-hiding (or socialite on vacay in Italy) vibes.

    the purple and orange glasses

    13. A pair of high-rise bike shorts so you can nail that "on my way to a workout class" look. But don't worry, the workout "class" can absolutely be your daily walk to the coffee shop down the street.

    14. A matte speckled claw clip because, like Selena Gomez circa 2007, I too enjoy a little edge and a little pop in my hair. And this clip is exactly that, no blue hair extensions needed.

    the claw clip in pink

    15. A ladder writing desk with three shelves, because I don't know about you, but my home office is starting to overtake the rest of my place, and I'd love a built-in storage solution!

    the desk next to a window

    16. A straw sunhat so you can have what I've decided to call a ~Meredith Blake Summer~ (minus the whole breaking up a family shenanigan, ofc).

    the pink sunhat with beaded trim

    17. A knit bodycon dress giving "coolest camp counselor on their day off" vibes — which is now officially my summer aesthetic goal. It's never too late to rebrand your Summer Look™, y'all.

    a model wearing the dress in red

    18. A four-drawer dresser sleek and stylish, and also the much-needed solution for the growing pile of clothes on The Chair... IYKYK.

    the wooden dresser

    19. A metal, wood, and leather bar cart to class up your at-home drinking experience and become the new ~shining star~ of your living space.

    the bar cart filled will liquor bottles

    20. An entryway storage bench to provide the perfect catch-all spot for your ever-growing shoe collection. IDK about y'all, but I've personally decided open shoe racks are my new arch enemy.

    the bench

    21. A mini square backpack to help you hold all your belongings hands-free without making you look or feel like you're a child on a spring break vacation with your family.

    Ready to shop? I sure am. Check out the rest of Target's Deal Days sale event happening now through July 13. Happy shopping!

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