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14 Reasons Why Coachella Is Worth Selling Your Soul For

With less than 25 days until the hipsters flood Indio Valley for Coachella Music Festival, the time to sell your soul for a ticket is now.

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3. The wristband


What does the $400 (and rising) price tag of a Coachella ticket get you, you ask? ONLY THE COOLEST LOOKING WRISTBAND IN THE HISTORY OF HAND ACCESSORIES EVER. I'm serious, this thing could make the 90s choker phase look like child's play. The Coachella wristband, a bulky sensor held together by a printed 'Coachella' cloth band, is amazing. Plus it lights up when activated and what is cooler than having lights on your wrist? The answer is nothing except maybe having lights on your ankle.

4. The Charitable Good Deed


Every year some of the proceeds from Coachella are donated to the City of Indio and to charities like the Indio Teen Center and the Silverlake Conservatory of Music. So when you cry at night looking at your credit card bill just remember that you're helping the world become a better place.

5. There's a ferris wheel


Hold on, pause. Now let your inner 7-year-old scream because THERE IS A FERRIS WHEEL. THIS IS NOT A DRILL I REPEAT THIS IS NOT A DRILL. For only $8 you too can bring back your childhood memories and ride atop this glorious machine while watching the sun set over the festival grounds.

6. Pharrel Williams (and possibly his hat)


While nothing has been confirmed, based off his Grammy's and Oscar's performance it's safe to say that Pharrel will be bringing the infamous Arby's hat to the Coachella stage. Fun fact: Arby's actually bought the hat in a recent auction off Ebay.

9. Everyone is on some substance


Being the sober one in a crowd of people under the influence makes it easy to push them down and get to the front. Strike while they're weak and you'll get a killer seat for any set.

11. The infamous Coachella palm trees


CAN SOMEBODY SAY INSTAGRAM LIKES GALORE? Whether it's the palm tree shadows or the classic grassy lawn pic, Coachella has endless photo opportunities and will give your social media game the boost it needs. #Famous

13. Outkast's reunion


You didn't think we were going to forget to mention this historical moment did you?! If you're having doubts still about buying a ticket 1- see a doctor because there is definitely something wrong with you and 2- recognize the greatness that will occur once these hip-hop legends hit the stage.

Coachella is one of those places where everything goes. There's no judgement, just good music and memories.


Those three days in Indio will be unforgettable and while the wristband might have a price the experience of it all is worth more than money could buy.

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