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26 Memories From 'A Different World' That Prove It's The Best Black Sitcom Ever

Yes, it was even better than 'The Cosby Show.'

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1. When Dwayne Kissed His First Hillman Crush For The First Time

2. When Dwayne Broke Up Whitley's Wedding To Poppa Pope

3. When They Explored Expertly Educated Shade

5. When Freddie Was In Love With Dwayne

6. When Ron & Dwayne Dressed In Drag To Fight Crime

7. When They Got Jada Pinkett To Do This

8. Anytime Denise Realized Anything

9. When Whitley Applied What She Learned In Therapy

10. When Colonel Taylor's Horrible Dancing Was Exposed

11. When The Beautiful Tupac Showed Up With This Smile

12. And Then He Smiled Again...

13. When Anyone Made The Dean's List

14. When Whitley Told Dwayne She Was Pregnant

15. When Gina Finally Stood Up To Her Abusive Boyfriend

16. When Dwayne Took Charge

17. When The Girls Pledged

18. Dwayne & Whitley's First Kiss

19. When Whitley Grew A Heart

20. When Nerdy Dwayne Became Adorable

21. When Whitley Landed Her Dream Job

22. When Matt Fell In Love With Kim <3

23. When Whitley Became A Woman

24. When They Respectfully & Responsibly Tackled Rape

25. When Debbie Allen Crashed Christmas Dinner

26. When Whitley Worked On Her Fitness

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