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13 Secret Fat Girl Habits Revealed

Whether you're a real life fat girl (like me) or you fully embrace your inner fat girl, then you can relate to secret fat girl habits that we all have, but never let anyone know about.

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1. Our Friday Night Plans

2. Ordering Takeout For A Small Family AKA You

3. Preferring To Be Alone With Your Food

4. The Real Reason We Go To Parties

5. Lies That You Eat Healthy

6. We Suck It In, All Day

7. If We Had It Our Way, Sides Would Be...

8. We Envy Thigh Gaps, Mostly Because Chub Rub

9. We Have Lots Of Regrets

10. There's Only One Thing That Excites Us

11. Falling Asleep Has Nothing On Eating

12. The Only Thing That Makes You Happy Is...

13. Nothing Will Keep You From Finishing A Meal

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