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This Fan-Made Teaser For Lemony Snicket's "A Series Of Unfortunate Events" Is Perfect

Netflix, we're ready to binge-watch every second. Update: The teaser trailer isn't affiliated with Netflix, a spokesperson told BuzzFeed.

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As you may have heard, Netflix announced last year that it would be releasing a TV series based on the A Series Of Unfortunate Events novels.

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A teaser for the series appeared online today, and it was chock-full of many cool nuggets.

Eleanora Poe / Via

Like Klaus' glasses.

Of course, there was the eerie eye symbol...

Eleanora Poe / Via

...and the Lachrymose Leeches, which you'll remember played a big role in The Wide Window.

Eleanora Poe / Via


And spiders!

Eleanora Poe / Via


And last but not least, the shadow of the one and only Count Olaf.

Eleanora Poe / Via

Are you dying yet?!

Watch the full teaser trailer here:

View this video on YouTube

Eleanora Poe / Via

According to Entertainment Weekly, the trailer isn't real, per a Netflix spokesperson. Womp.

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