Matthew Webb
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    • Matthew Webb

      I just think it is ironic how women complain about what fictionalized characters in a fantasy setting are wearing then line up to see Magic Mike or can’t put down 50 Shades of Grey. Of course what women wear isn’t functional in comics, but the outfits aren’t for functionality they are for sex appeal, cause comic industry knows sex sells, especially to those young males who find a little pleasure in it. So what if males look at the female comic hero as a sexual object, you really thing you women went and watched Magic Mike for it’s award winning writing? No! You saw it cause it had half naked hot men in it. So fed up with the hypocrites you females can be. It’s a freaking comic book set in a fictionalized world, who cares if what they wear isn’t realistic or functional, it’s a comic, get over it.

    • Matthew Webb

      I can’t believe all the talk about functionality in these costumes. You know what is functional? A half naked woman kicking ass…At least for sales that is what is functional. Boys like boobs, that is why we need our female comic characters half naked. I just don’t get how you would talk about the half naked costumes being unrealistic and accept shooting lasers from eyes or flying as totally realistic. It’s comics, it’s for boys. I don’t make Magic Mike get dressed, don’t cloth my comic women.

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