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The Story Behind This Photo Is An Incredible Love Story.

60 years lost, then reconnected.

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Last night night my wife and I were at her friends wedding. It was an absolutely gorgeous location and one of the most beautiful weddings that I've ever been too.

While obviously love is in the air at a wedding between the blushing bride and the grinning groom, I want to tell another story of what happened at this wedding. It will prove to you that you should never give up on true love.

Right after the ceremony my wife and I were standing in line waiting to get a drink during the cocktail hour. She then noticed that the couple in front of us, probably in their late 70s or 80s were holding hands. After all those years together still holding hands. Cute right? Well, keep reading it gets better.

After seeing him help her walk to a table and sit down we didn't see them again during the cocktail, we were just enjoying our time with friends. Then we got the notice that dinner was almost ready, so we head in to the tent to find out table.

We were just sitting down when we noticed that this older couple were sitting at our table too, and right next to us. They were still holding hands as they walked up to the table but he pulled his hand away... just to pull out her chair for her and make sure she was comfortable before sitting down himself. Super cute - but it still gets better.

My wife whispered to me that before we leave we have to let them know how amazing we thought it was that after all these years they are still able to hold hands and pull out chairs - the things that usually fade away 50+ years into marriage.

Later on as we got up to leave, we stopped by their part of the table and my wife's ask "do you mind if I just ask you a question? How long have you two been married?" We didn't get the response we were expecting.

The woman laughed and said "oh we're not married... we're just dating". At that moment I believed that was even cuter than what I had originally assumed, them being still madly in love after a lifetime of marriage. The fact that two people of their age could still be able to date made me really happy. It shows that love can exist and happen at anytime, no matter your age. Great story right? Well... it's not over yet.

We let them know how great that was that they were dating and we wished them the best. The man then said something that blew my mind. "We actually were in love and dated over 60 years ago when we were in high school, and only just reconnected last year, so we're dating again."

Wow. That is incredible. Young teenage lovers back in the 1950s who lost touch and now reconnected last year. Incredible. It really shows that love is a powerful force and you can't try to control love. Love controls you and shows up at the right times. Always believe in love and the fact that if you haven't found your person, they are out there.

We wished them the best and left. As we walking away I was thinking about the end of the movie The Notebook were they laid in bed together and died together because there love was so strong. I wish them a love like that for the rest of their lives. I'm glad they can end their lives happily with the person they've loved almost their whole lives.

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