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    Build Your Business: 6 Reasons To Never Depend On Job Opportunities

    Reason why you should build your own business

    Build Your Business: 6 Reasons To Never Depend On Job Opportunities

    Do you know that more than 40 percent of PHD holders still wander around the job market looking for a befitting jobs?

    Despite the ever-increasing number of unemployed graduates and job seekers, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), in its recently released analysis on world employment and social outlook, explained that the global job crisis is not likely to end anytime soon -- especially in emerging economies.

    The economic downturn has deprived many workers their only source of livelihood, making the job seeking field a competitive realm. As a job seeker, you spend a whole lot of time surfing the web for job opportunities, meanwhile if only half of this time can be channeled to thinking and creativity, you can be your own boss in no time.

    Below are 6 reasons you should launch your own business and never rely on job opportunities, at least not in this automation age.

    1. Automation is the new trend

    Oxford researchers say that within a couple of years from now, more than half of America’s occupations will be automated. Scary! Right?

    In this automation age of constant technology advancements, it has come to the point whereby big and medium scale firms are doing away with workers as technology is taking over. Jobs are hereby becoming highly susceptible to computerization.

    Companies and firms that welcome this automation innovation are always forced to do with lesser human effort as self-driving trucks, for example, easily navigate without human effort.

    This clearly shows that those relying on job opportunities would either join the competitive job market for jobs that may be computerized in due time, or remain jobless for life.

    2. Limited experience

    Working for others often involves knowledge on just some particular field as you are only required to perform same or related tasks on a daily basis.

    This can prevent you from gaining other real life experiences and skill set that might prove useful at a later time.

    Meanwhile, if you’re your own boss, you will have the opportunity of gaining knowledge about what’s going on in all sectors of the business, gaining theoretical and practical experience about real life and entrepreneurship.

    3. Zero or limited freedom

    The very moment you accept a job opportunity, you are giving up your freedom and should be ready to do as required -- even at the detriment of your personal prestige and principles.

    All firms have their rules and regulations, and these rules might not necessarily suite your principles and personality. But the fact remains that if you are serious about keeping the job, you must bend to the rules regardless.

    4. You get paid only as you work

    In most organisations, your pay rate is determined by how and when you work.

    Meanwhile, there are a lot of businesses like owning a blog, building theme platforms for websites, auto transport services, going into affiliate marketing or other businesses you can build and make buoyant income from on a regular basis without having to be sleep-deprived.

    5. Job opportunities are dream killers

    Belief it or not, no matter how passionate you are about a certain job opportunity, if it’s not your own business, it’ll kill your dreams.

    I mean, literally, you work 9 hours a day, 45 hours a week, and close to 200 hours every month trying to bring to accomplishment the dream of another man, forgetting your own dreams. And with time, you’ll tend to either forget your own dreams, or convince yourself that it’s not achievable.

    6. Long life; Yes long life.

    Lastly, If you really want to live long, seriously build your own business and forget about job opportunities.

    Research according to World Health Organisation states that one of the results of excess stress is deformity and death. Meanwhile, year after year, 53 percent of Americans report personal health issues as a result of stress, and 70 percent of this stress is an effect of their job.

    With you working for another person, firm or the government, excess stress is unavoidable. And if excess stress is unavoidable, as shown by WHO, your lifespan could become shorter.

    With these few pointers and many more -- like the fact no one ever enjoyed the best of luxuries, or as it’s popularly said, bought a lamborghini, from working a 9-5 job -- it’s clear that starting something of your own is a must, and the best time to do so is now.

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