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8 Celebs Who Look EXACTLY Like Their Iconic Film Characters

Actors are not the characters they play, but you wouldn't know it looking at these 8 sexy celebs and the fictional doppelgängers they played in hit movies. Can your keen eye tell the difference?

DanErixon 4 years ago

7 Clues Proving Jim Halpert Is The Scranton Strangler

The true identity of the mysterious Scranton Strangler has been the topic of fervent debate that has far outlived the run of "The Office." Fans have theorized that Toby Flenderson, Creed Bratton, or even Dwight Schrute could be the eponymous killer. Who knew the real culprit was smirking playfully at us from his desk all along? That culprit is Jim Halpert, and what follows is a seven-part proof that Scranton's most beloved son is actually its darkest villain.

DanErixon 4 years ago