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Awesome Dance Moves You Wish You Could Pull Off

One of the best things to do when you're playing the new online game, "Dancing With The Stars: Keep Dancing," is to include famous dance moves into your avatar's routine. It's a great way to pay homage to legendary movies or performers, and inject a little humor into your choreography! Check out some of the most renowned steps from films and the signature moves of the most talented entertainers, and don't forget to play the online game, Dancing With The Stars: Keep Dancing, before you decide to try any of the movements outside of your private living room.

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1. Uma Thurman's Twist In "Pulp Fiction"

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Want to be sexy? Just obstruct your vision with a peace sign.

2. M.C. Hammer's Crab Walk

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MC Hammer is a 90s icon. And as long as he remains one, the Crab Walk will continue to be a valuable piece of the dancing puzzle.

3. The Lift In "Dirty Dancing"

Lifts have always been amazing, and will always be amazing. They have no expiration date, and will probably outlive all of us. Do them whenever possible.

4. Madonna's Facial Framing In "Vogue"

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It's a good idea for a dancer to frame their face with their hands if their partner's eyes start to wander. We all need a reminder of where we're supposed to be looking every now and then.

5. Carlton's "Tom Jones" Sway

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Carlton's sway is a great addition to any routine that's performed to uptempo music. But be careful because it's also known as the best non-verbal way to convey to your partner that you've completely forgotten what you're supposed to be doing.

6. Elvis' Hips In "Jailhouse Rock"

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Think that girl should be talking to you instead of that other guy? Swivel your hips a bit and she'll reach the same conclusion pretty quickly.

7. Gene Kelly's Umbrella Tricks In "Singin' In The Rain"

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Using props during a routine is a great way to challenge your skills and catch the judge's eye. They also might come in handy when you're leaving the studio or ballroom (you never know!).

8. Beyoncé's Strut In "Single Ladies"

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Beyoncés strut in this video rattled the skeletons of all mankind. She also made stomping to the music okay again, which really is a beautiful thing.

9. Tom Cruise's Slide In "Risky Business"

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Who likes walking on stage, striking a pose and just waiting for the music to start? That's lame. We should all stop doing it. Let's make a pact to make our best entrances!

10. The Village People's YMCA

Don't feel like taking the earmuffs on your head just so you can know where your friends are going? You're in luck because there's another way for for them to tell you where to go.

11. The Rockettes' Kick Line

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Doing a series of high kicks is the best way for a dancer to show off his or her flexibility, while also encouraging all the grabby creepers out there to keep moving.

12. Mick Jagger's Rooster Strut

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Sometimes dancers can even look stiff in the less formal routines. And it's then that they should slide a ramp up to that chicken coop and let the rooster out.

13. John Travolta's Disco In "Saturday Night Fever"

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There are at least a dozen moves in Travolta's routine here that are phenomenal. And whenever you're ready to spice things up, take the ocean wave arms or the crowd surveillance arm extension and make the Viennese Waltz even more romantic.

14. Michael Jackson's Moonwalk

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Obviously, you can't just whip out the Moonwalk whenever you like. It is for emergencies only. It is a tool that can help you, but hurt you even more if you don't do it right — just like a chainsaw.

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