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Which Roomate Back In Alliance Are You?

We aint ever getting older... Except JanJan she's old AF

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  1. What is your favorite food?

    french fries
    Don't Discriminate
    Chicken Nuggets
    Cheese Steak
  2. Where can you be found on an average week night?

    Out and about bopping around
    Gemelli Fine Foods
    Getting my asshole licked
    In my bed sleeping
    Getting my dick sucked
    The lounge
  3. Drink of Choice?

    Captain Morgan
    $5 FUCK me ups (they're actually $6)
    Pink Moscato
  4. Which drunk shenanigan would you partake in?

    twerking on them hoes at Bangers
    What's Alcohol?
    Making poor decisions
    Facetiming mom in public places
    Doing a 2 second keg stand
    Rolling across the Hempstead Turnpike
    Falling while pouring a drink on a fuckboy
  5. What's your favorite line of deep throat?

    My tunnel of love's a deep throat
    Ballerina that dick when I spin
    Blow bubbles with sperm
    Can't fuck up my nails, so I pick it up with chopsticks
    Daddy better make me choke
    I didn't swallow one kid I think I swallowed twins
    Don't need a pen or a puncil
  6. What is your outfit of choice?

    Black cami and cardigans
    Jcrew and plaid
    Monograms and infinity scarves
    Baseball cap, scammer jacket, and sunglasses
    Something trendy with a chocker
    A free shirt, running shorts and classy black crocs
  7. Who's your dream man?

    Zac Efron
    Chad Michael Murray
    Luke Danes
    Marshall Eriksen
    Matt Healy
    Ronald Reagan
    Chuck Bass
  8. What is your spirit Animal?

    Cat (leave me the fuck alone)
  9. Life motto?

    We talkin' butts?
    Remain humble, but still let these bitches know
    Fuck bitches get money
    Treat yo self
    She will move mountains
    Just live it up and if it gets screwy just add some tequila and it'll be okay
    when in doubt nap it out
  10. Dream job?

    Trophy wife
    Hooters girl/Miss America
    Supreme Court Justice
    White House Press Secretary
    Youtube sensation
    Donut topping seamstress
  11. Where is your favorite place on campus?

    Hammer Lab
    LH comm
    Ratt (RIP)
    Ceramics Room
    Cafe on the quad
  12. Fast food of choice?

    Burger King
    Chick Fil A
    Taco Bell
  13. Favorite Accessory

    Communion Ring
    Cape Cod Bracelet
    Food charm jewlery
    Monogram Sandals
    Classy black crocs
    dick sucking clip
  14. Where would you pull your baby closer, in the backseat of your _______?

    Hyundai Elantra
    Hofstra Night Shuttle
    Hyundai Accent
    Swagger Wagon
    Nissan Sentra
    Jeep Liberty

Which Roomate Back In Alliance Are You?

You got: SmellyREAREND

u got kelly! u are a bad bitch who rocks out with ur crocs out! u can most often be caught bumping some old school jbiebs or eating pizza! congrats u won!

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You got: bliscHOE

congrats u got bliscoe! this means u have a love for miniature things, tea, and are a pro scammer! if ur not twerking ur heart out in bangers then u can be found enjoying ur dope meme collection!

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You got: Peg

u got peg! u are a classy lady who loves long walks on the beach, lana del ray, and tacos! u are always a positive ray of sunshine even though u have a peg leg! u don't let anything stop u! u go girl!

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You got: amanduhhhhhplz

You got Francoooo! May I interest you in a sarcastic comment? Every other word out of your mouth is probably Fuck, and your days are split between spreading yourself too thin and doing nothing at all. Deb is love, and Deb is love for you. But it's fine, just pump up the jams and do yo thang girl.

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You got: stefwazowski

You got stef! You spend most of your days napping and eating chocolate, and tend to be over dramatic about the smallest things. The only athletic activity you get is walking to the refrigerator. Congrats on getting this fab member of alliance!

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You got: JANAL

You got Janelle! You can't speak English 97% of time but it's fine and you're fine! You can be most seen livin ya life and doin you. Congrats on being your own best friend!

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You got: icckynikki

You got Nikki, that means you're a pretty big deal. Congrats on being one of the most basic bitches in town. This means you love all things monogrammed, crying when you see babies and pugs, don't forget to always drink your wine!

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