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13 Things People Who Have Short Attention Spans Can Relate To

"I cared for eight seconds, then I got distracted"

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1. You're constantly burning food because you get distracted and forget you're cooking.

2. You constantly refresh webpages when they take more than four seconds to load.

3. You can't sit down to watch something without looking at your phone or almost immediately getting up to do something else.

4. You always have at least 10 tabs open.

5. You'll look at your phone to check the time and suddenly find yourself 20 weeks deep on somebody's Instagram profile.

6. You have trouble reading an entire book without wanting to start another one.

7. You may not remember what was taught in class, but you definitely remember what every poster said and where it was in the classroom.

8. Yoga classes are hard because you'll suddenly look up and realize that the class has moved on to the next pose, like, a while ago.

9. If you have to wait in line to place a food order, you might forget what you were ordering by the time you reach the front.

How our minds wander...

10. You end up quitting board games midway through because you can't focus anymore

11. When you're determined to get to bed early, you'll get caught up in something and suddenly it's one in the morning.

12. Constantly nodding and answering "yeah" despite the fact that you weren't actually listening to someone's story.

13. And finally, you dread driving in unfamiliar areas because your focus needs to be next-level.

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