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    14 Reasons Your Parents Are Lucky That You Are A DANCER!!

    We know they might complain sometimes about the cost of your dance tuition so here is a list of reasons your parents should be thankful you are a DANCER!

    You have a unique sense of stye that is always ‘well put together’. You can draw from the experience of wearing the most unfortunate costumes on stage as well as the most incredible! You know what works together and what doesn’t.

    You have a sense of occasion, going to the theatre is always a special event and when something is special you appreciate it and show your appreciation in your dress and demeanour.

    You are fit. Hours of class and rehearsal, stretching and practice have made you a lean mean dancing machine, a buck krumping cutie or whatever the chorey demands.. You are strong, flexible and ready to dance.

    You are strong, mentally and physically. You have talent…. more than you fair share of technical advice and have the emotional maturity to put 100% into making it happen.

    You have learnt to do your own hair and before you were in your teens you could do it better than your mum. French Roll anyone?…

    Your grooming and general appearance is always immaculate. Hair is only the first step. Make up, clothes, accessories, posture

    You are not hangin’ at the mall/club/street corner. ( This is a big one Mums and Dad's!)

    “Sorry can’t make it to the beach/club/party/gathering, I’ve got rehearsal.”

    They know where you are and where you want to be!! PRACTISING of course!

    Given the choice and limited energy you will be in the studio or any private place stretching, practicing steps or just grooving along to some music dreaming up some chorey.

    You have an awesome social circle with similar interests and values, even your closest school friends don’t quite ‘get’ the dancing thing but they still admire you for it. Your dancing friends are on a whole other level and you have a language to share that not many people can even guess at, Dance.

    You have work ethic. You work hard towards goals that you are passionate about. Not everyone can rehearse for hours, week in and week out for a few minutes on stage. Future non dance employers know this and always LURVE ex-dancers for this!

    You can truly multi task. Get yourself ready, count yourself in, keep track of the music you're dancing to as well as everyone else on stage and reading the audience reaction. you’ve learnt to master any props and keep the performance magic going. While staying cool, calm and collected. “Just keep Smiling” is the Mantra.

    You are flexible in body and mind. Everyone knows dancers stretch their bodies to the limit but dancers minds are just as adaptable. If you find a better way of doing something you’ll adapt and it will become yours; chorey change? No sweat! So and so is injured ? Yep I’ll do it! All part of the rehearsal process.

    You have a great attention span, you know when and how to focus. Being organised is part of your time management skill.

    You don’t just have good rhythm you can feel music all the way to the end of your toes.

    You know how to improvise, not only can you pull a little dance combo out when you need to but you are the go to girl for hair and make up emergencies or even just a spare bobby pin.

    We asked our parents (ex dance parents) when putting together this list!

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