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    Homesick Candles Now Include Cities And Countries And They Are The Perfect Holiday Gifts

    Santa, if you're reading this, I'd like one Pittsburgh Homesick Candle, please!

    You're probably familiar with BuzzFeed's Homesick Candles! Each candle is scented to be reminiscent of wherever you call home.

    They're perfect if you're missing home or just feeling a little nostalgic.

    What you may not know is that they recently released five new city-scented candles: Chicago, Long Island, Phoenix, Atlanta, and Pittsburgh.

    And did you know that Homesick already makes 10 city candles?

    There are also seven country candles, including Canada, Mexico, and the UK (which smells like rain, mince pie, and sticky toffee pudding).

    If you want even more scents, they have candles that smell like all of your most cherished memories...

    ...and candles that smell like your favorite holiday memories.

    If candles aren't enough to cure your homesickness, you can buy state-shaped cutting boards, apparel, oils, honey, and soap.

    They're the perfect gift for your friends who won't stop talking about their hometowns.

    Order before Dec. 15 for delivery before Christmas — or visit the Homesick Candle pop-up shop in New York City!