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Which Member Of Zesty Mint Are You?!?

You want to know, don't ya? Find out which AT class of 2021 (with a few special exceptions) you are! You'll have "bloody" fun!

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  1. HEEEELLz yea dude!
    Bi by July
    Zoinkerino supremo scooberino
    Good q my guy
    uh oh my god...*palms forehead* I hate you all. Shut up, shut up.
    Hey love muffin!
    *Sleep noises*
    Wait... what! God damn it!
    *Hidden Laugh*
    Matias is coming this weekend.
    I just passed away!
    *dance dance revolution*
    I'm still high
  2. Musical Cow (guitar)
    Stork dipping its wings (in BBQ sauce preferably)
    Watermelon as big as my torso
    Single Whip (and nay nay)
    Ward Off Slanting Upward
    Floating Arms
    Stroking the Bird
    Cow! "I learned it as cow, so it's cow"
    Stork Cooling its wings
    Constructive Rest
    The Tai Chi we haven't learned yet!
    "It's not wrong... it's just different"
    Energized Legs!
    First Position
    Hard yes
  3. Attempting longboarding, while also vaping
    Stops to smell the roses
    Admiring the lovely stream, are those lemons? or turtles?
    I dance across
    Walk across thinking about your house in the catskills
    dab and then Naruto
    Carrying an instrument
    Drives around to a different lot
    "I... I walk?"
    "You walk across it"
    Telling Dana to stop running.
    Sleep walking
    Probably walking under the bridge
    With a frown
  4. David Watson
    Annmarie Davis
    Bob Davis
    Goody Markowitz
    Phil Rittner
    Lisa Wollenberg
    Alan Rust
    Da smokin' hot guy that works in the library.. you know the one
    The bus driver
    Phoebe Buffay
    The dance one?
    a music one
    Diana Moller-Marino
    Ralph Perkins
    John Holder
    Brian Jenkins I think
  5. Pizza.. pizza... and probably more pizza
    French Fries
    Sneakin in for dat free ice cream...
    Backstage Cafe is where it's at!
    Something healthy BLEH
    Perhaps an omelette. HELL YEAH DUDE
    More of anything? More of everything!
    Twizzlers and Dr. Pepper
    toasted bread
    Ice cream with Wyatt!
    Anyone want some noods?
    Watermelon with one hard boiled egg
    Doesn't sit with us anymore, we don't know
  6. Trying to find a practice room
    A whole hour?!
    Changing Rose's boyfriend's tire.
    taking an hour and a half
    staring at library boy
    making unessecary puns
    passing away
    I live at Little Portugal
    Does he go here during the day?
    stealing the bananas
    petting my cat
    rushing for frat
    chattin up non hart kids
    going with the flow... not filming a yogurt commercial.. perhaps teaching sex ed 101 to Dana and Julz
    missing the chat
  7. Addicted to the shin-dig
    Jack Skellington in disguise
    We should consider every day lost on which we danced at least once
    "Can I use my finsta bio instead!"
    Hartt School of Music 2021
    "There are too many 3s to be a coincidence"...whatever that means?
    aspiring actor
    Hartt School AT '21
    Funky Fresh Trademark
    literal nothingness
    there are two types of people and I'm both of them
    "Hartt school '20" you might want to update that
    Whether you like it or not, everyone is your family and a family is a place of acceptance and respect
    UHart '21
    No bio found... but is that a real dead dog?
    Seek Discomfort???
  8. myself
    The people living above and below me
    whoever abused the not now sweaty meme into the ground
    Monica Madagain?
    Music Theory
    I don't really get mad! Why can't we all get along!
    Watered down chai tea lattes and stupid boys.
    People over using car privileges
    Moms that don't let you go to Philly lol
    Not so much mad.. but sad.
    Lack of sleep
    All these people accusing me of toe sucking
    Do you even complain?
    Mad? What's today's topic of argument?
    Group Chats
  9. Scrunchy Tracker
    Head of the CREWcible
    Sidekick to the head of the CREWcible
    August: Osage Light Board
    August: Osage Prop Trackin
    August: Osage Headset
    August: NOsage Headset
    Spending Joni's $
    A Farmer
    A Divine Man
    A DivinER Man
    The Most DivenEST
    Reasons to be Petty
    Pee Pee Tee
    When do we have to see these shows?
    idk check blackboard
  10. Disgraced
    Flowers for Algernon
    No Exit... in a Waffle House
    Death of a Salesman
    "Romeo and Juliet is actually a really good play guys"
    The Nutcracker?
    12 Angry Gays
    The Humans
    Crucible or Twelfth Night or Noises Off
    "I'm not an actor so crucible I think"
    I don't know, I like em all!
    Jersey Boys?
  11. Matt Werner
    Dominque Waite
    Daniella Sinder
    Chris BAILEY
    Nathan Pod-hashdciaugdchudsoic
    Lawson Lewellan
    Josh Karam
    Peter Mann
    Mark Lawrence
    Reid Williams' Mother
    Alyssa Marino
    Patrick Conaway
    "I don't really have one"
    "I'm not theater so idk"
    Kristen VanDerlyn
    let's be real... Reid Williams *swoon*
    Julia Packer
  12. Sloth
    A good giraffe
    Blue-Footed Booby
    Porcupine doing the backstroke
    The whole farm
    Goldfish Crackers
    Fiona the Hippo
    David Watson
  13. Burger King
    Math Tutoring Business
    Icy Hot
    Anything but yogurt... Perhaps a car mechanic
    Pizza Hut
    I don't do commercials, I'm going straight to the big time.
    Uncle Magic
    Matthew McConaughey in Lincoln Car Commercial
    Easy Bake Oven
    A Winery
    lol getting a job?
    Orbit Commerical
    Taco Bell
    Local music shop
    Protein Shakes
  14. Buttercup
    Jessica Rabbit
    Louise from Bob's Burger
    Hormone Montress from Big Mouth
    Linda from Bob's Burgers
    Scrooge McDuck
    Chowder from Chowder
    Bob from Bob's Burgers
    Johnny Bravo
    Gene from Bob's Burgers
    The Parents from Charlie Brown
    Stewie from Family Guy
    Isabella from Phineas and Ferb
    Nigel Thornberry
  15. Helena Bonham Carter
    James McAvoy
    Denzel Washington
    Kate Winslet
    Ellie Kemper
    Anna Kendrick
    Martha Graham
    Patrick Warburton
    Ginnifer Goodwin
    Danny DeVito
    Lena Dunham
    Ellen Page
    Jennifer Connelly
    Dax Shepard
    Will Forte
    John Travolta
    Mark Ruffalo
    Al Pacino
  16. Black Swan
    Just cast me in a sit-com.
    Blanche Dubois
    Jesus Christ? DUH
    Laura in Glass Menagerie
    Joseph "John" Merrick
    Saint Jimmy in American Idiot
    Something in a symphony?
    Anthony in Julius Ceaser
    Jeffery Dahmer
    King Duncan lol
    Rose in Titanic
    M'Lynn in Steel Magnolias
    Medium Allison in Fun Home
    Biff in Death of a Salesman
  17. "I don't know what to say to that"
    "It's not wrong... it's just different"
    "If you need any help with Tai Chi, go to Scott. He's the only one that seems to know"
    "The sticky uppy part"
    "We need to start thinking our bless yous"
    "Eyes open guys"
    "Keep your tongue in your mouth!"
    "It could be!"
    "You can do anything for 10 more seconds. You can do anything one more time"
    "It's just information"
    "Are you shaking? It's just energy leaving the body!"
    "Allow your neck to be free"
    Oh what! Pussy?
    "It's a fabulous book"
    Shaq where you at? "I'M OVER HERE"
  18. Jack

Which Member Of Zesty Mint Are You?!?

You got: Julz Servetnick

Hello love muffin! You prob are in the library taking buzzfeed quizes and staring at cute library man planning your life together. When you're not in the bottom floor of Allen you can be found commuting to work with the kiddos, waving at your boys at Fast Go Muffler Tire and Breaks, hanging with your 3 doggos or in Jack and Chris' sex ed class! Or maybe sneaking into commons for the icecream, or hotel pools for the jacuzzis! sneaky snake.

Julz Servetnick
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You got: Dana Tortora

Oh my gawd! You got Dana Tortora from Long Island, New York! Luhvely! You are a very nice, innocent(?) lil' gal, and oh so much sweeter than honey. Behind that little, perfect cutie patootie exterior is the absolute dankest memer on campus. You made the MT banner.... moving on. When you're not talking it up with just about anybody in commons, you can be found in the library taking buzzfeed quizzes, saying "poop" instead of "shit", eating your daily dose of potatoes, doing a quick celebratory flail, talking wrong, or in Jack and Chris' sex ed class. You hope that people like your puns, because you are very proud of them. And never forget... "Okay, okay!" COME TO OUR BROW BUSINESS

Dana Tortora
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You got: Matt Katsigianis

YOU GOT MATT KATT! that means you like the mens, the memes and the kiwi strawberry juices. And that's more than okay! No one knows how to spell your last name. Halloween and Disney are the best things! Jack Skellington woo! Hey guys wanna listen to vinyl music on my record player! No sales tax, no problem! "WHEN AN ITEM COSTS $16.99, YOU SHOULD PAY, $16.99!" Gotta love that shire, oh and not only do you live in New Hampshire, your family also has a house in the Catskills, that's no big deal though.. doesn't everyone have a house in the Catskills? WAIT NOT 1 HOUSE IN THE CATSKILLS, BUT 2 FUCKING HOUSES.

Matt Katsigianis
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You got: Monica Mulligan

You probably won't see any messages in the GC because you spend most of your time at the Mort & Irma Handel Center for the Performing Arts. Sorry gotta run... my break was only 10 minutes!

Monica Mulligan
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You got: Maria Flowers

"Anyone in commons" *No response* "HARD YES" Everyone loves the good ol Maria Flowers, we are just on different schedules than this Saxophone playing chick! Her room smells like flowers, but not her last name. You are MOM.

Maria Flowers
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You got: Emily Dziob

Legolas is that you? oh wait. YOU GOT EMILY DZIOB! You da coolest and chillest Dzoib around des parts. You attended HOLLYWOOD ARTS. You get free room and board in Rose's single room, so you can pocket dat MONEY from dunkin' donuts and save up for those plan b pills. This hilarious, no crap kinda gal can be found at Lil' Portugal, making some good ol' slime, on her twinsta and always sure everyone does their best in class... bring in those blacks ;) Never forget blonde Emily. COME TO OUR BROW BUSINESS

Emily Dziob
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You got: Jarrett Cordeiro

Mr. Tumnas? OH Jarod? OHHH JarreTT! HELL YEAH DUDE! "sweetie..honey..darling" You're probably still in CT sitting on the floor of your dorm eating spicy edamame now, cuz you couldn't go to PA that one time. That, or you've been on the toilet for 30 minutes because you had a sandwich with cheese on it. But that's okay because we love you Jarrett, although you can be an asshole when your tired, we receive the best hugs from you! Riperoni Jabroni. "Do it! You won't coward"

Jarrett Cordeiro
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You got: Eddie Cruz (Herberto, Herbie Fully Loaded, Herb, Herbert)

About a week into school, Eddie was getting a little antsy on campus, so he was kindly escorted by public safety to the nearest hospital, and ya know while he just so happened to be there, they checked him for alcohol poisoning. Boy goes on a diet- goes to mcdonalds to get 20 piece chicken nugs, quarter pounder with cheese, a medium fry, a package of chocolate chip cookies and a mountain dew. Eddie and his 16 year old roommate are essentially the human equivalent to Dora and Dora's friend. You can put together who's who. You can typically catch Eddie eating, making a semi attempt of riding his long board and VAPING! Actually scratch that he's probably just vaping or puking in Becca's toilet.

Eddie Cruz (Herberto, Herbie Fully Loaded, Herb, Herbert)
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You got: Chris Rowe

hm OOOkay. Thanks to Chris we have "divershity", you can't miss the guy! But everyone misses you, when you're not around. Your personal shopper is your his boy toy BFF Eddie Cruz, from whom you get Dr. Pepper, Twizzlers and the same red flannel. You're always on top of your game and fart more than anyone else in the program. Good for you for trying new things (ie; adding women to tinder interests) , but girls just aren't for you- you're definitely gay.

Chris Rowe
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You got: Rose Kortrey

Emily? Ah nope it's good ol' ROSE! You probably have 4x4 ft poster board.. and a pillow.. and a mug with your face occupying space in your single room. But you're really not self centered. Is Emily your room mate? Nope just a tenant scoring free rent! If you want a shitty cup of coffee her door is always open, she's the hostess with the mostest...unless her Argentinian piece' o meat is visiting! We can always count on your for being a loyal and silly friend. COME TO OUR BROW BUSINESS

Rose Kortrey
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You got: Erin Proctor

You got Erin Proctor! The class's go-to girl for all information broadway (or is Papa Keith Proctor the one with all the info) You're the oldest and wisest sibling in our chat and can score moscato anytime you want. We're so glad SUNY New Paltz wasn't your thing because we get you here now! Even though your snap chat stories allude to you being miserable everyday we know you love it here just as much as we love you! And you especially love a good midnight phone call with a fellow goody! Ow! Ow! Please don't be in tooooo much pain. BY THE WAY... DID YOU KNOW ERIN HAS A TWIN!

Erin Proctor
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You got: Emma Mc"Meme"

heLLLOooo friENDS! Goody goody you got good ol' Emma Mckeen. Time for a roast! And she's got enough roast from working at Starbucks and her plethora of aprons. When you enter Emma's house, you're basically entering a riceroni and cereal corporation. Emma is just too darn good to us all. She is the class meme distributor and can always find a link to a good ole meme that suits your fancy. "GOVERNMENT HAS A CAR AND IT RUNS ON WATER MAN" She queen and she memes well, but unfortunately there's quite some unfortunate mean meme thiefs. meme.

Emma Mc"Meme"
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You got: Sera Levy

You got Sera! The most rebellious and wild child of the group. You don't have a room mate to wake you up when you oversleep into class time, but you're not gonna let that stop you from getting the full college experience! Weed and sex are GREAT. And the best thing? When you sleep with a drug dealer, he gives you free weed. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone.

Sera Levy
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You got: Graham Morris

Graham crackers? Morris-tisen Library? Instagraham? Teddy Graham? NAH It's your everyday Graham Morriss. You loved Annemarie's class SO much that you tried to take it twice! BUH-BYE! Have fun in Virginia! We love and miss you!

Graham Morris
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You got: William Reilly

ZZZzzzzzZZZ William? Squilliam? Will? Bill? Billiam? You're probably too tired to read this description and will proceed to take a nap. Woah congrats dude, you are William Reilly: toe sucker, and total frat boy. Although you're such a graceful mover, you need to learn to BEND. THOSE. KNEES.! You're adjusting to this new weather quite well and prove that not everything that happens in Vegas (you) needs to stay in Vegas!

William Reilly
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You got: Bailey Jamieson

Congrats on getting BAEiley JamieSON! Thats really just as good as getting any other type of BJ... Congrats on making out with six different girls and one dude at Frosh Mosh! Although you always Juul in class, you're not too much of an ass. Make sure next time you pay less attention to your heelys and more attention to naming your first born child... I mean picking your monologue. You have many forms of transportation other than your heelys, such as your long board and the hawk hall helicopter.

Bailey Jamieson
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You got: Jack Harding

"Phantom sucks... so here's what I like about the Spongebob musical... Spongebob is a more interesting character than Christine. Christine is just NOT interesting". Buzzfeed quizzes are tasteless. Like it's not a bad thing it's just a really unnecessary thing. You come off as a real big ass hole at first, but once we get to know you we realize how genuine and goofy you are. You hail from the shire and have the cutest little nephew. "Feel my knot" Jack-fuckin'-harding...

Jack Harding
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You got: Liam Gerard.

Liam Gerard has left the chat.....for now.

Liam Gerard.
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