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Homemade "Twix Bar" Shortbread

This is a seductive version of my favorite Twix bar, with gooey caramel, crisp shortbread and smoked sea salt topped chocolate!!

danamoos 5 years ago

Grilled Peaches With White Balsamic, Raspberry Coulis And Raspberry Sorbet

Grilled peaches are perfect for a light dessert or a first course at breakfast. Serve them warm in the winter and chilled with the sorbet in the summer. A little soak in some Southern Comfort takes them to a new level!

danamoos 5 years ago

Purple Basil Orange Vodka Martini

purple basil simple syrup, vodka, fresh squeezed orange juice (strained) is perfect for a weekend brunch cocktail or any evening!

danamoos 5 years ago

Dark Chocolate Truffles

Simple, rich, decadent. And they make great gifts! The recipe is in my cookbook, The Art of Breakfast (in the baked goods section)

danamoos 5 years ago

Blintz Souffle with Fruit Coulis

Sweet, fluffy blintz souffle with tart raspberry, rhubarb, mango and blackberry coulis. From The Art of Breakfast!

danamoos 5 years ago

Chocolate Covered Chocolate Almond Macaroons

Chewy, crunchy, chocolatey...AND gluten free! From my cookbook, The Art of Breakfast (there's a baked goods section!)

danamoos 5 years ago

Chocolate Rum Balls

A decadent bite of brownie meets fudge meets truffle, with rum and chocolate. YES, please!

danamoos 5 years ago