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6 Strange Cases Of Real Life Exorcisms

The stories of these real life exorcisms are stranger than fiction. You may like your horror novels, but this takes scary to a whole new level.

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Salvador Dali / Via

In 2005, a sculpture of Christ on the Cross was discovered in the estate of friar Gabriele Maria Berardi. It is believed that Dali created this work as an act of gratitude to the man that was rumored to have performed an exorcist on the artist in France in 1947.

Roland Doe (AKA Robbie Mannheim) / Via

The events of this supposed possession and exorcism inspired the novel The Exorcist and later the film by the same name. The case became more serious as vials of holy water placed near the boy would shatter, the words "evil" and "hell" would appear on the boy's body, and a picture of Jesus rattled on the wall. Representatives from several churches conducted an exorcism at Georgetown University Hospital over thirty times in the duration of several weeks.

Michael Taylor / Via

In 1974, accused of infidelity by his wife, Michael Taylor claimed that he felt an evil force within him. His local vicar and other ministers conducted an exorcism until 6am the following morning. Exhausted, the ministers sent him home, but warned that although forty demons were cast out, some remained. Once home, Michael murdered his wife and strangled their poodle. The police found him covered in blood and naked in the street. At trial, he was acquitted by reason of insanity.

Anneliese Michel / Via

The case that inspired The Exorcism of Emily Rose. After a diagnosis of temporal lobe epilepsy, she was treated at a psychiatric hospital for depression. She became intolerant of religious objects by 1973 and eventually began to hear voices. Her family was convinced she was possessed, but it wasn't until 1975 that permission was given by the local bishop for two priest to perform a secret exorcism. She died, malnourished and dehydrated, as a result of the rites. Her parents and the priests were found guilty of negligence and served six months in jail.

Latoya Ammons Family of Gary Indiana

Hammond police / Via

Even the Gary police walked away believers after Latoya Ammons claimed to be possessed by demons. It all began when the family rented a home on Carolina Street. That December, black flies swarmed the screened porch and footsteps could be heard climbing the basement stairs, but no one was there. The noises continued, but in March 2012, things got scary when Latoya's daughter levitated off the bed while sleeping. All of this could be dismissed as a mother's overactive imagination, until it gets to claims from medical staff seeing her son thrown about even though no one was there and then walking up a wall backwards. When police investigated the house, they too, began experiencing paranormal activity. Hard to ignore that many witnesses, isn't it.

So what do you think...Legitimate possession or is there a touch of fiction to these tales?

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