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5 Urban Legends That Just Won't Go Away

These urban legends just won't die! These horror stories have been told again and again, showing no sign of fading into obscurity.

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Bloody Mary:

In this urban legend,the spirit of Mary appears in a mirror when her name is called multiple times. Another version is that if an unmarried woman stands before a mirror with a candle in a darkened room, she will see her future husband walk behind her. Who didn't play this at sleepovers?

Alligators in the Sewers:

This story began in the 1930's, but overtime was thought to be completely false. That is until the recent media accounts of alligators occupying storm drains and sewer pipes in Florida and Texas. Sometimes there is a grain of truth to urban legends.

Frozen Walt Disney:

I remember hearing this one as a child and now and then it will still turn up in conversations. The story is that when Walt Disney died, he had his body (sometimes the story is just his head) frozen in hopes he could one day be brought back to life. Depending on the version, sometimes his body is even rumored to be located in one of the Disney Parks. All records show that he was cremated in 1966.

The Hook:

Possibly the most popular urban legend. It goes something like this...A couple goes up to the popular lovers lane.They have the radio on and hear that an escaped killer/mental patient is on the run and they describe him as having a hook for one hand. The couple then hears noises outside and decide to leave, but when they get to town, they discover the killer/mental patient's hook hanging from the mirror.

Kidney Theft:

The story goes that a person wakes up and finds themselves in terrible pain and missing an organ, sometimes it is after a night on the town while on vacation. For years this was thought to be just an urban legend, but over time stories such as the "yellow house" case in Kosovo have lent credit to the stories. Perhaps it is that touch of truth in fiction that gives this story staying power.

What do you think...Do urban legends live forever?

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