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    How To Hack Your Menstrual Cycle

    Are you getting pummeled by life as a female that bleeds? Or have your hacked your menstrual cycle to get the most out of your life?

    Are you getting pummeled by a life of periods and PMS?

    Did you know you can take control of your cycle and use your moods to your advantage?

    As your hormones shift through the month they give you access to different strengths

    Knowing when these shifts happen is the key to your success

    Otherwise life can feel like a big joke on you

    The pre-ovulation phase (that's after your period is over) can be a super happy productive time. Your hormones align to help you get shit done!

    This is the time to learn something new, get real productive at work, plan a project, work out a bunch and pitch that idea to your boss

    When you're ovulating you'll feel caring, cooperative and communicative. It's the best time for hanging out with your friends and partner, having long talks and sharing ideas

    You are also primed for job interviews and presentations

    The pre-menstrual phase is famous for making us wild. Rather than getting anxious and annoyed now, biting off the head of everyone who even says hi...

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    Take some time out to make the most of your out-of-the-box creativity. Nap more. Enjoy how sexy you feel - bigger boobs, anyone?

    When you're menstruating this is your ultimate life detox time. Who needs to juice when you get to push the reset button once a month and get rid of everything that hasn't been working for you the last four weeks?

    And LET IT GO!

    It's the perfect time to tune into your intuition and reevaluate your goals

    If you relax you can even take time to enjoy the oxytocin release - the bliss hormone that can kick in when we kick back

    You can use your moods to optimize every area of your life

    Rock your phase. Live in your rhythm

    Go with your flow rather than against it and you'll be in control in no time!

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