The 11 Stages Of Having A Crush

Yup. You know it.

1. And so it begins…

Crushed, and you never saw it coming.

2. You start freaking out whenever they walk by.

Everyone will notice and stare at you.

3. All your conversations will get super awkward.


4. You’ll try to play it cool.

It won’t work.

5. You’ll post cute pics on Instagram and hope they are looking.

FYI they aren’t actually following you.

6. You’ll go up and down like some sort of lunatic.


7. You’ll pretend to be all whatever about it.

No one will believe you.

8. You’ll text them way too much.

And feel totally mortified, over and over.

9. You’ll change their name in your phone.

It won’t help.

10. You’ll try to play hard to get.

You’ll fail.

11. You’ll finally hang out and it will be awesome!

Congrats! You’ve made it to the other side! Now try not to f—- it up.

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