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10 Awkward Mistakes All College Freshmen Make

And you thought being a freshman in high school was awkward.... At least with Backpack Brand, you can experience life to its fullest everyday -- no awkwardness required. At all, life is an adventure.

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1. You finally got on campus, and you're so excited that you even read the book for the "mandatory" campus reading program twice! And outlined it!

But everyone around you like like:

2. But it's OK, because you're prepared! Then you get to the first class and find out you're the only person who bought all of your textbooks new at the bookstore.

And all of your classmates who bought their books used are like:

3. After a rough first day of classes, you desperately try to navigate the dining hall.

You get excited when you see a table full of your hallmates. But when you get closer, you realize you don't actually know these people:

4. After a week, you finally work up the nerve to talk to someone else in your English class. So you complain about the first assignment.

But then you realize that the person you're talking to is actually your TA when she's like:

5. And after two weeks, you realize you've overestimated the amount of time it takes to walk across campus and scheduling an hour between classes was unnecessary.

Because the upperclassmen are like:

6. Then you're assigned a partner for Chem 101 lab. But you know nothing about chemistry.

And your lab partner is pre-med and taking the class way too seriously: / Via Breaking Bad Wiki

7. One month into the year, you realize you either need to go shopping or figure out how to do laundry. But the only dryer has someone's dry clothes in it.

You wait 20 minutes and then decide to take their clothes out for them. Just as they return like:

8. As midterms approach, you finally realize that you're the only one still wearing your lanyard.

And suddenly you figure out why your study group crush won't make eye contact with you:

9. Speaking of midterms... You wake up late and realize your Econ exam starts in 8 minutes.

And your roommate is like:

10. As the year winds down, you finally run into someone you met during orientation. But you're not quiet sure if they remember you.

Or maybe they just think you're awkward...

Then, before you know it, freshman year is over. You survived! / Via

Here's to another great year of living life on your own terms!

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