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22 Ways To Describe What Anxiety Feels Like


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1. Your skin is on fire and nothing extinguishes the flames.

2. Millions of ants biting under your skin.

3. Your inner organs exploding through your extremities.

4. Spinning in a circle in place a thousand times and trying to stand up straight.

5. Pins and needles shooting through your pores.

6. Giants using your stomach as a trampoline.

7. Millions of screams locked inside your throat.

8. A large militia thundering into your ear.

9. A battalion of horses galloping all over your body.

10. A family of parasites eating you from the inside out.

11. Rockets strapped to your feet are propelling you up but boulders on your shoulders are forcing you down.

12. Your heart forcing its way through your chest cavity.

13. Raptors pecking at your body.

14. A bee buzzing near you but you are afraid to swat it away.

15. Slinkys bouncing up and down your windpipe.

16. Clothespins yanking the skin off your body.

17. A massage chair is inside your body and it's stuck on the kneading setting.

18. An apple is on your head like in those medieval movies and the protagonist is about to shoot an arrow at your face.

19. A sonic boom flowing from your heart to the tips of your nails.

20. Your atoms are crumbling into sand.

21. Aliens whispering "you're an idiot!" into your ear.

22. You were too close to an explosion and you are being thrust backward at 100 miles per hour.

It's the worst.

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