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    • danak5

      Back when the promotional interviews were starting for the first season, it felt like Rebeck was very hard-headed and probably fighting tooth and nail with the network. She dripped contempt inalot of her interviews. Safran exhibits opposite reactions.Idon’t get the feeling he is fighting or hating anyone and acts like he really loves what he’s doing.Iwould take an article with anonymous sources with some grains of salt, but it was well-written and very eye-opening.Ididn’t think the show itself wasatrain wreck, but it certainly seems like behind the scenes was. Rebeck is probably not any different fromalot of showrunners who feel they are in charge and no one tell them any different. But if you are pissing everyone off, including the network, you probably aren’t going to last long.
      Ido look forward to the new season

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