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    • danah16

      As an American who has participated in black Friday in the past, I agree that this is a stupid and dangerous tradition. By the way, it is NOT an official holiday people! It’s just a marketing phenomenon. I refuse to go anymore because in the last 25 years it has gotten very dangerous, is often a waste of time (they run out of the promised items), and represents the ultimate in materialistic attitudes fostered by corporate greed and their psychologically manipulative marketing techniques. They spend all year telling us all about the cool new products they make that we “need to have”, hike up the prices in the summer, and then artificially suppress the prices for “black Friday” to make it look like we are getting a deal. The only way to safely participate in this charade anymore is through online shopping. At least at home, you won’t be trampled, get into a fist fight with strangers, or stand out in the freezing cold for hours before opening. This should not be an “American tradition”, it should be banned for all the chaos it causes, and retailers should not be allowed to manipulate consumers to such extremes…