Dana H.
i'm a 66 year old virgin
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    • Dana H.

      Geek pride is stupid. To a certain extent I can understand it - having shared interests in something “uncool” builds a sense of community, and it’s nice to be unashamed of who you are in the face of all the evil jocks in this world. But when you start excluding people from your clubhouse and having your own arbitrary litmus test for who gets to be considered a geek or not (especially if that test is far more difficult for women to pass), maybe you need to reassess why you’re in the scene.  Face it, geek culture is mainstream culture, and being proud of being a geek these days makes about as much sense as being proud of being white and middle class. So you like Star Wars, Batman, Doctor Who and Pokemon - big fucking deal. It must have been really difficult for you to gain so much precious knowledge about those massively popular pop culture franchises, you totally have the right to look down your snoot at other people. /s

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