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9 Amazing Premixes Of Goldroom's "Till Sunrise"

You'll be spinnin' these tracks "till sunrise."

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On July 29, LA based producer and DJ Goldroom released a vocal stem of his single "Till Sunrise" on Soundcloud allowing fans and DJs to play with the track before its official release on August 11.

Here are the results of the premix experiment:

1. Romsen Remix

For something a little light-disco...

2. 4mpliFy Remix

For something villainous...

3. MyKill Remix

For something jazzy...

4. Ben Bada Boom Remix

For some lounge music...

5. Truefaux Remix

For something sexy...

6. blue nights Remix

For something deep chillwavy...

7. J.Pennyworth Remix

For something cute...

8. Riggsz Remix

For something melancholy...

9. LTMR Remix

For something uber dreamy...

Don't forget to check out the original, mixed by Goldroom himself!

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