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    8 TV Shows We Wish Never Went Off Air

    The TV networks can be so cruel sometimes...

    1. Jane By Design (2012)

    I mean, I know the whole idea of a high school student getting paid $30,000 to be an office assistant at the fashion company Donovan Decker was a bit out there but it was inspiring, no?

    2. Underemployed (2012-2013)

    I honestly want to know what will happen to Miles in Italy. But will I ever get to? NO. Good news though: Daphne (Sarah Habel) will star in the new USA series 'Rush' on 7/17 at 10/9c!

    3. FlashForward (2009-2010)

    I'll admit that it was a bit creepy to see all that stuff happen to you six months before it actually happened in reality...especially before the whole 2012 Mayan calendar end of the world crap...but it was still a good show.

    4. Ghost Whisperer (2005-2010)

    This show ran for a long time, but I just miss seeing Jennifer Love Hewitt's beautiful face. Why'd you have to take her away from us CBS?!

    5. Ben and Kate (2012-2013)

    Not gonna lie, this was a pretty weird show. But we all need a little bit of weird in our lives once a week, don't we?

    6. Bunheads (2012-2013)

    I really miss Michelle's sarcasm and snide remarks. Damn.

    7. Pushing Daisies (2007-2009)

    This was the cutest show ever. Why would anyone want to cancel this?!

    8. Sam and Cat (2013-2014)

    Words cannot begin to explain how sad I am about this show being cancelled.

    Is there any way we can all get a copy of the next season's planned script? I know it exists for all these cancelled shows somewhere...

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