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14 Lawn Gnomes That Are Up To No Good

Sometimes the little German dwarfs get bored standing guard all day and night.

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1. Paint me like one of your French girls.

2. I know I dropped my phone somewhere in this grass...

3. Step off the grass and I won't shoot!

4. Don't worry. The wheelbarrel won't harm my little feline friend.

5. Ahh. It's like a weight has been lifted!

6. I can work your pole anytime, anywhere.

7. Ain't nobody fresher than my clique.

8. Chillin' like a villain.

9. I feel like a kid again.

10. I knew you wouldn't fit!

11. Finally some color for my porcelain skin!

12. C'mon bunny! Andale!

13. I wonder why the bloody sun has to shine so damn bright today.

14. Maybe if we stay still it won't crush us.

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