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    The Craziest Vanderpump Rules Moments Of All Time

    This show is the chaotic gift that keeps on giving.

    vanderpump rules is the best show in television history and if you disagree you are garbage

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    1. When it completely was about the pasta.

    2. Remember when Lala relied on sucking baby bottles as a coping mechanism?

    3. When James referenced Jax's infidelity to Brittany during his DJ set.

    4. When Scheana bought Adam Spot a penguin.

    Kristen's face when Scheana revealed that she adopted "a fucking penguin" for Adam is also my face when Scheana revealed she adopted "a fucking penguin" for Adam. #PumpRules

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @gibsonoma

    This entire situation was weird yet depressing.

    5. When Lala and James first hit the scene and it was them vs. the world.

    6. When Jax actually had the audacity to call Vanderpump Rules his show... to Lisa Vanderpump.

    7. Remember the days when everything was Good as Gold!

    8. Jax's many thefts.

    9. When Lisa dropped this line to Stassi.

    10. The many different looks of Tom Sandoval.

    11. Scheana and Rob having the most annoying relationship.

    12. When Ariana put Jax in his place.

    Ariana turned out to be everything we though Stassi was, but isn't. WHAT. A. SAVAGE 👏👏👏 #PumpRules

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @dukespills

    Finally, someone needed to do it. Thank you Ariana.

    13. When James completely changed his life around.

    14. Every single one of Jax's ego trips.

    15. When Charlie revealed she never had pasta before...

    16. Every time Tom and Katie get into their fights, it breaks my heart all over again.

    17. Jax and Tom's shirtless fight in Vegas at Stassi's birthday.

    18. Lastly, lets not forget about this beautiful moment.

    I stand by this.

    how was vanderpump rules not nominated for a golden globe

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

    Rihanna never told a lie.