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    20 Best Glee Storylines Of All Time

    Glee is honestly the funniest show of all time, so here are some of the top funniest and most elaborate storylines.

    1. When Rachel sent Sunshine to a crack house because she's just that petty.

    2. Brittany's hit internet show, "Fondue for Two."

    3. When Sam reveals he is the biggest True Jackson VP stan.

    And he continued to keep it consistent.

    4. Santana's Yeast-I-Stat commercial.

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    Comedic perfection.

    5. Brittany's misguided understanding of conception.

    6. Sue's habit of pushing other teachers down stairs.

    7. Tina pretending she's a vampire to spook Principle Figgins. And then he believed her.

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    Figgins truly endured a lot of trauma during his time as principle.

    8. When Tina falls in the mall fountain and the Glee kids switch bodies.

    9. Jesse St. James making an omelette on Rachel's head.

    10. Brittany's Dinosaur themed prom.

    11. I'm sure you saw this was coming: Terri's fake pregnancy.

    12. Sue secretly being a Klaine stan.

    13. Sandy Ryerson's entire existence.

    14. Michael Bolton being Sue's celebrity baby daddy.

    15. When Sue created McKinley High's heckling club just for the Glee Club's benefit concert.

    16. Emma Pillsbury's parents turning out to be ginger supremacists.

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    Well, that was unexpected.

    17. Olivia Newton John's smash remix of "Physical... featuring Sue Sylvester.

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    18. The hit nightly news segment, Sue's Corner.

    19. Mercedes protecting McKinley High's right to tots.

    And there's still so many more....