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    15 Of The Best Nancy Meyers Pick-Up Lines, Ranked

    "I was thinking…we need some awake time together."

    "There are, like, famous things we say because he wrote them," Miles (Jack Black) tells Iris (Kate Winslet) in The Holiday. He is, of course, referring to the legendary screenwriter Arthur Abbott (Eli Wallach) here, but he could just as easily be referring to the movie's own writer-director Nancy Meyers.

    Meyers introduced a generation to aspirational kitchens so beautiful you can eat off the floor, the handsome architect, and the woman torn between work and love (can she have it all?). She also introduced us to some sizzling hot pick-up lines. 

    15. “I got one more question. What are you doing Friday night?” (Private Benjamin) —Capt. William Woodbridge to Capt. Doreen Lewis

    A man in aviator sunglasses looks at a woman. They both wear Army uniforms

    14. “Well, I can do me in 10 seconds.” (The Intern) —Ben to Fiona

    A man and a woman both dressed in black stand in a New York City sidewalk

    13. “Enchanté, mademoiselle.” (The Parent Trap) —Martin to Chessy

    A man kisses a woman's hand

    12. “I’m in love with you. I apologize for the blunt delivery, but as problematic as this fact may be, I’m in love...with you!” (The Holiday) —Graham to Amanda

    A man gazes lovingly at a blonde woman

    11. “I was thinking…we need some awake time together.” (The Intern) —Jules to Matt

    A woman, holding her small daughter, and a man stand in front of a brownstone

    10. “When something happens to you that hasn’t happened before, don’t you at least have to find out what it is?” (Something’s Gotta Give) —Julian to Erica

    An older blonde woman and a younger man sit in a restaurant who has his arm around her

    9. “You actually understood what I wanted.” (It’s Complicated) —Adam to Jane

    A blonde woman gazes lovingly at a white haired man

    8. “Are you this nervous around all men or just me?” (Baby Boom) —Dr. Jeff Cooper to J.C. Wiatt

    A man and a woman stand in an open refrigerator

    7. “Could you give me a hand with my duffle? It’s the yellow one buried way in there.” (The Parent Trap) —Hallie to Tie-Dye Girl

    A girl in a tie-dye shirt holds a yellow duffle. A red haired girl reaches for it

    6. “I just broke up with someone, and considering you just showed up and you’re insanely good looking and probably won’t remember me anyway... I’m thinking we should have sex...if you want.” (The Holiday) —Amanda to Graham

    A man and woman kiss in a car

    5. “I’m Jewish.” (Private Benjamin) —Henrí Trémont to Private Judy Benjamin

    Close-up of a man and woman. She looks unsure and wears an Army uniform

    4. “You are a woman to love.” (Something’s Gotta Give) —Harry to Erica

    An older man and woman sit on the beach laughing

    3. “But what about having someone to hold you in the middle of the night?” (It’s Complicated) —Jake to Jane

    A man and a woman lean into each other sitting at a bar

    2. “I made the mistake of not coming after you once, Lizzie. I’m not going to do that again no matter how brave you are.” (The Parent Trap) —Nick to Elizabeth

    Close up of a man and woman smiling about to kiss

    1. “Iris, if you were a melody...I used only the good notes.” (The Holiday) —Miles to Iris

    A man and woman sit in an office as he plays a keyboard piano

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