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    • Dan706

      Seeing a bunch of Aussies here ranting about “it’s not that bad you really need to go out of your way to deal with this stuff.”
      Growing up in regional QLD, I’m here to call bullshit. I’ve seen and dealt with most of these in the wild and every time it’s been purely by accident. Our tropical coast is riddled with box jellies particularly around cyclone season, we had one of our diving instructors hit by an irukandji and almost die on the boat before being airlifted out. Our bushland is riddled with snakes, and although I wouldn’t call them maliciously dangerous, if you step on one out of inattention it’s a different story. I’ve had a mate lose limbs to sharks and had personal close encounters with a few. For those Aussies that grow up in, and never leave the city, the biggest danger out there is drunken idiots, heart disease and cancer.

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