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    What Diet? 31 Of The Most Incredible Melbourne Milkshakes

    We have searched Melbourne high and low for what milkshakes you have to put on your cheatmeal list!


    Sugar Buns Bakery Cafe

    Koffee Bar


    La Roche

    Ten One Ate

    Twisted Sista Knox

    Cool Bean Kitchen

    Rowena Parade Corner Store

    Switch Lifestyle

    Montano's Patisserie

    Groove Train Plenty Valley

    Saki Souvlaki

    Darling Street Espresso

    MJ Burger Bar

    The Burger Business

    Grand Trailer Park

    Common Galaxia

    Tuck Shop Takeaway


    Bagelicious Australia

    Heroes Burger Diner

    Southside Social

    Stuzzi Restaurant & Bar

    Rock Paper Scissors

    Johnny Pump

    Rose Diner And Bar

    The Local On Como

    Kustom Burgers

    Dolce House Gelato

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