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    • Damnmemoriae

      This guy never made it through selection course for the seals. He got rolled back twice and was eventually dropped from training in bud/s class 239. He was dropped from selection at the request of the training cadre for “shooting range violation.” While a shooting range violation may seem minor, he was likely dropped because of a number of reasons and the cadre was looking for any reason to do so
      The photo of him playing dress up is from the movie line survivor, which he paid a sum of one million dollars to secure the role of Dan Healy who died in the chinook crash. When he didn’t get his way, with enough lines and face time rather than being grateful to have the opportunity to contribute to allowing these fallen heroes to have their story told, he threw a fit and sued the producers. He is a narcissist and a liar and deserves to be put on blast for being a complete hack. He has a nickname on the nickname of fake Equis on the dirty dot com because he was x’ed from selection twice in the seals and any claim he makes to be operator material should be squashed quickly and viciously because he lacks the humility and professionalism required to be considered an elite warrior.

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