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13 Reasons Why You Should Follow Margaret Atwood On Twitter

"You're never going to kill storytelling, because it's built into the human plan. We come with it." - Margaret Atwood

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Sure, most Canadians read their first Margaret Atwood book against their will in High School or at the behest of their mother. Now that you're all grown up, you know that this woman is a straight up badass, and one hell of an author to be following on Twitter.

1. Her Banter with Comedian and Friend Rob Delaney Will Have You Smiling for Days.

Why do people keep telling us to "get a room," @robdelaney? What's wrong with our usual dumpster out back of the #etobicoke MacDs? Cheaper!

2. She Has Won the Governor General's Award TWICE but Is Still down to Wag Her Finger at Parliament.

#BillC51 about to be passed in Canada. See you in the slammer, kids, where I'll doubtless be put on suspicion of being reckless. Me + many.

3. She Doesn't Sugar Coat the Writing Process or the Amount of Procrastination That Goes into It.

Now I must go out to pick strawberries in the snow, otherwise known as"writing."

4. She Keeps Her Wishes Simple.

Happy International Women's Day. If a woman, please don't get murdered. Too many are.

6. She Understands the Importance of Kitten Eating Warnings.

Reading: #poetry Dear Leader, by Damian Rogers. @coachhousebooks @griffinpoetry (Warning: kittens are eaten.)

7. And Is Really Good at Both Hashtags & Finding Cute Cat Hats.

8. She Unabashedly Shares Thought Provoking Articles & Petitions on What Matters Most.

Me + many other Geezers& Geezerettes don't fancy the kids in short pants telling us how to die +we vote. >:>{

9. No Matter Where She Travels, Her Friends Are Always on Her Mind.

Hello, @MrsSymbols: Thought you'd enjoy this ancient sculpture of Saturn preparing to devour his children...

10. Atwood & Her Gal Pals Are Totally Down with #NoFilter.

@bensigurdson @MiriamToews: That was Alice Munro's Runaway..But the hair is confusing. Similar. (Well, white anyway.)

11. She Lovingly Refers to Twitter Followers as "T-Pals."

TKS T-pals for your enthusiastic RT help w. my @ReadMatter piece about Everything Change. Smarter than lobsters!

12. She's Happy to Re-Tweet Small Voices That Need To Be Heard.

. @MargaretAtwood 80+ Canadian youth are sitting in MP offices across the country demanding #JobsJusticeClimate

13. She's Margaret. Freaking. Atwood.

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