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    • damm

      yes, this is America. A country founded by immigrants who destroyed the natives instead of living among them. A country who celebrates its diversity then shows its true colors when diversity wins. A country that prides itself on being a melting pot as long as the resulting color is white. A country that promotes hate crime and hate talk about “foreigners” then gets confused and upset when other countries don’t like us. I am proud that our country has a Miss America with Indian blood running through her veins. This is what is right in America and the comments to this picture are what is wrong with it still.

    • damm

      i have been been in college for4years.iwill be graduating with my Masters degree through an accelerated program (1 year instead of 2).ihavea4.0 grade point average.icould not finish this test in 10 minutes. some of the questions do not even make sense toaperson withacollege education let aloneaperson whose education was restricted by the very people giving this test to prevent them from voting people in who would give them the opportunity to get more education in order to finish this stupid test.iam confused as to how to drawaline around something.iam completely disturbed by question 30 and what in the sam hell does any of this have to do with voting except to humiliate and prove superiority that shouldnt exist in the first place.icannot believe that this is still allowed to exist. yet another step that needs to be taken toward equality. what the hell is this country’s problem? people need to getalife of their own so they can stop preventing others from theirs.

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