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    21 Of The Best British Sci-Fi Writers You've Probably Never Heard Of

    The World Science Fiction Convention touches down in London this week, bringing together fans of sci-fi, fantasy and horror novels from all over the world.

    LonCon3 is the first time this fete of the fantastic has visited the UK since 2006 when the 63rd worldcon hit Glasgow.

    Here are the top 21 sci-fi and fantasy authors you should be reading this year.

    1. Joe Abercrombie

    2. Jaine Fenn

    3. Malorie Blackman

    4. Nicola Griffith

    5. Matt Haig

    6. Frances Hardinge

    7. Nick Harkaway

    8. Joanne Harris

    9. M John Harrison

    10. Simon Ings

    11. Laura Lam

    12. China Mieville

    13. David Mitchell

    14. Sarah Pinborough

    15. Adam Roberts

    16. Justina Robson

    17. Liesel Schwarz

    18. Samantha Shannon

    19. James Smythe

    20. Charlie Stross

    21. Jo Walton