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    19 British Superheroes Who Are Innately Better Than Their American Counterparts

    Superheroes are an American thing, right? Wrong.

    The isles of Albion have been producing heroes with magic weapons and superpowers for centuries.

    But who are the greatest British superheroes of them all?

    19. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

    18. Tank Girl

    17. Robin Hood

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    Taking from the rich and giving to the poor is standard heroic practice today, but in the feudal society of medieval Britain it was a radical idea. No one is certain if Robin Hood was a historical figure, but his expertise with bow and arrow has inspired such modern heroes as Green Arrow and Hawkeye.

    16. Sláine

    15. Marvelman

    14. Bananaman

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    Whenever he eats a banana, schoolboy Eric transforms into Bananaman, a muscular but not-so-smart hero who patrols suburban England on the lookout for crime. Originally published in the pages of kids' comic Nutty, he later appeared in The Dandy, The Beano, and a long-running animated TV series. Eric's amazing double life is much like Peter Parker's, but much, much sillier.

    13. Dragon's Claws

    12. The Invisibles

    11. Emma Peel

    10. John Constantine

    9. V

    8. James Bond

    7. Danger Mouse

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    He's the strongest, the quickest, and the best, and is always to be found wherever danger is – he is Danger Mouse. Originally voiced by David Jason of Only Fools and Horses fame, the character is set to get a CBBC reboot in 2015 with a whole new cast.

    6. Lara Croft

    5. Judge Dredd

    4. Sherlock Holmes

    3. King Arthur

    2. Hermione Granger

    1. The Doctor