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    Posted on Jun 20, 2017

    5 Ways To Become A Genius Level Writer

    Do you know how many people try and make it as bestselling writers every year? About 82 squillion. Do you know how many people put in the work to learn what they are doing? About 2. And those are the 2 who make it. Used to be you had to burn $25,000 on a fancy MFA course, but now you can find waaaay better options online.

    Start small with a short story

    MIT Open Courseware has some AMAZING materials. You can't join the course itself unless you go to Massachusetts twice a week, but you can download all of the course notes FREE.

    Learn how to tell a great story


    Those books people actually read? It's because they tell a great story. Director f Creative Writing at University of Leicester, and writer for The Guardian, Damien Walter breaks down the 7 secrets of telling a great story. PRICE: $30 with course code PLATO

    Come up with catchy concepts

    It's pretty well documented that James Patterson doesn't write every word of every one of his #1 bestselling books. But he is the master of ideas that catch the interest of millions of people walking through airports. PRICE: $90

    Get in on cutting edge theory

    Melanie Ann Phillips is not famous, but her YouTube video series on the Dramatica storytelling technique is a cult classic that has influenced writers including Noah Hawley of Fargo fame. Follow the whole series on YouTube for FREE.

    Get competitive with your peers

    University of East Anglia is about the most famous writing school in the world. Join an online workshop in fiction, and find out who's the true Top Gun...with a pen. PRICE: semester long workshops for £450.