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    This Disney Show For Preschoolers Is Teaching Kids About Consent

    It's never too early to tell your kids that no means no.

    Doc McStuffins is an incredibly popular preschool series that runs on the Disney Junior section of Disney Channel.

    It made headlines back in 2012 for its positive portrayals of a young African-American girl who idolizes her doctor mother.

    Doc herself is a pretend doctor who takes care of sick and injured toys. Each episode she teaches the audience a lesson on how to treat different types of illnesses and injuries, such as how to seek help if you get a concussion.

    In the episode "Commander No," kids get an important lesson on the meaning of the word "no" and the consent of others.

    It starts with the toys playing a tickling game. When one of them is tickled, he shouts, "No! Stop!" but the other continues to tickle him and later says she didn't know he meant it because he was laughing.

    Then Doc tells her that even if you’re having fun, you need to pay attention to how other people are feeling and what they're saying.

    "When someone says stop, it's time to stop!"

    And the group proceeds to sing a musical number about the importance of consent.

    You can watch a clip of it here.

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