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    21 Things Every Youngest Child Will Understand

    For everyone who always had to sit in the middle in the backseat.

    1. Your parents often called you by the wrong name...

    2. Your extended family thought you were your older sibling.

    3. You had no baby book or pictures of just you.

    4. You always got the worst parts when playing pretend...

    5. ...or having to be the student in School and actually do work.

    6. When it came to being teased you were all...


    7. ...except when you started to cry at the dinner table.

    8. Then you would leave and eavesdrop on what was being said.

    9. You were always last to know any piece of family business.

    Via tumblr

    10. Your parents couldn't be bothered when you did something wrong.

    11. Your parents stopped paying someone to babysit you.

    12. And you learned how to get your own way when left with your siblings.

    13. You spent a lot of time hearing your parents praise your older siblings...

    14. ...Or yell at them!

    15. Your siblings insisted you were spoiled!

    16. But you were the one wearing hand-me-downs.

    17. At least one drunk family member has made a joke about you being an accident.

    18. Teachers would compare you to your siblings.

    19. Everyone treated you like a baby for a long time.

    20. You were always performing to earn your keeps.

    21. And you did! And you loved it!