17 Toys Every Little Gay Boy Wanted

Some of your best memories are of stealing your sister’s toys! Which typical “girl” toy did you secretly (or not so secretly) long for? Did your wish ever come true?

1. 1. Skip-it

Remember those showdowns on the playground and how you wanted to skip in?

3. 2. Puppy Surprise

Play midwife to your pregnant pup and see how many babies are in her litter!

4. 3. Kid Sister

You had My Buddy. You wanted Kid Sister. PIGTAILS!

5. 4. Barbie Styling Head

Your very own personal client in the bathroom “salon”

6. 5. Dream Phone

“Who, who, who’s gotta crush on you?”

Oh, to say those words, “My secret!” while laying across the bed with all your girlfriends.

8. 6. Barbie

Because her feet deserved to be chewed by boys and girls!

9. 7. Strawberry Shortcake

That thing you you used to do when you pretended you wanted to be Huckleberry Pie but you really wanted to be Orange Blossom.

11. 8. My Little Ponies


12. 9. American Girl dolls

Were you a Felicity? A Molly? A Samantha? An Addy?

13. 10. Mall Madness


15. 11. Rainbow Brite

Rainbow Brite and her assistant Twink. Can we talk about “twink?”

16. 12. Jem & the Hologram dolls

Glamour & glitter; fashion & fame. ‘Nough said.

17. 13. Barbie Power Wheels

BE happy for this 4-year-old!

18. 14. A Dollhouse

Back to basics - get a house and make it a home!

19. 15. “Clueless” Hands Free Phone

The original bluetooth. The “Clueless” hands free phone allowed you to do cool things like paint your toenails while you gabbed on the phone about your crushes just like Dionne and Cher.

20. 16. Pretty Pretty Princess

Glamorous ruler of the entire universe sounds great!

22. 17. DJ Tanner’s Pillow Person

Green-haired-window-pane-face! Donna Jo Tanner was an ICON.

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