12 Musical Moments From Sitcoms You May Have Forgotten

Because sometimes we just need a musical number.

1. Saved by the Bell

Yes, you remember Hot Sundae and you remember Zack Attack but do you remember this “Barbara Ann” moment?

2. Family Matters

Urkel Dance? Doo-yah, doo-yah. No, I don’t think so

3. Who’s The Boss?

A reunion for Tony’s old singing group. Judith Light nailing some choreography.

4. Full House

Of course there’s Jesse & the Rippers and all those special Beach Boys episodes but what could be better then Donna Jo Tanner SINGING to troll doll, Michelle? #Telethon

5. Golden Girls

The ladies become surrogate grandmas/nurses to a sick baby. Betty White serving BOM realness.

6. The Cosby Show

Watercooler moment. Emmy nominee, Keisha Knight Pulliam chewing scenery.

7. Step By Step

Al’s (yes, female drummer!) band, Chicks with Attitude becomes ill on the night of their first gig and it becomes a family affair. Suzanne Somers’ commitment!

8. Sister, Sister

The one with a talent show and Tia’s directing Tamera’s girl group and…YASS, harmonies!

9. Married…With Children

The Bundys are on vacation but have no money so TALENT CONTEST and they win. Christina Applegate’s guitar playing deserves special viewing.

10. Just the Ten of Us

If you remember this “Growing Pains” spin-off then you probably were very into the daughters starting a singing group.

11. Fresh Prince of Bel-air

Alfonso Ribeiro and Jenifer Lewis singing can ease any marital woes.

12. The Nanny

This has to do with Fran and her new job on “The Rosie O’Donnell” show. I just want you to understand that this a legitimate parody of the dream sequence from “Fiddler on the Roof.”

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