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    • dalvinh

      Who are we to judge the actions of a 20 year old pop star and how she danced on MTV…. Maybe you guys should just stick to day time TV if its too much to handle. i highly doubt everything you did at that age was refined and mature. Sometimes I think people like to talk down to make themselves seem better……. our problem, when we see other people doing something we think is wrong we shun them when we should try and enlighten them on a better way of doing things. If anyone has the right to judge its only God and people who have walked the same path as Miley because you have no idea what its like to come up the way she did. Its hard enough for a young lady to grow and find herself but to have to do that in front of the world, most of us could only imagine what its like. Let it be, stick to raising your kids the way you feel is right.

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